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blankSummer is approaching! And although there’s not much to do at the moment but stay at home and self quarantine by yourself with your loved ones, you can always practice new makeup looks on yourself. Lots of crazy trends have surfaced over the years, 2020 won’t disappoint. Here are some makeup trends you’ll love!

Glossy-Eyeshadow Looks 

Yes, you heard that right, glossy eyeshadows are in this 2020. You can use this glossy look on a night out or even for a casual lunch date with a friend. This look can be kind of sticky, so just make sure you only put it on your eyelids! Pro tip: you can put it on with a little q-tip or a lipstick applicator for an easier way of achieving this look! You can match the gloss with any color you want, it looks great with pastel colors as it adds a subtle shimmer on your eyelids without the use of any glitter. 

Graphic Eyeliner 

Are you tired of the boring one-line right above the lashes eyeliner? Yes? Then this is the perfect trend for you. The graphic liner consists of an ongoing line over your lashes to your top crease. This look can be bold and professional when paired with a black liner, but if you want to have fun and be extra you can always add a pop of color! I’ve personally done it with red liner, and it pairs up great with a natural makeup look and red lipstick. 

False Eyelashes 

This trend has endured through the past two years, and we are here for it. False lashes can accentuate any makeup look you plan to do on yourself at least by ten times better. There’s many types of false lashes, you can buy the ones with glue or extensions that you could put in a specific area of your lashes. If you’re allergic to lash glue, you can always opt for magnetic lashes that work just as well as the glue-based ones! Lashes will look great with the minimum amount of makeup as much as they look with a full face!


Gloss is the new boss in the lipstick industry. You can add lipgloss to any lipstick to make your lips appear bigger. There’s many brands of different glosses, some just provide the expected gloss but others take it a step further and moisturize your lips or add a hint of color to your lips. You can also use lipgloss for your eyeshadow as mentioned or even for a glossy highlight look! 

Soap Eyebrows 

If filling in your eyebrows was never your thing, soap eyebrows might becomes your bffs for the rest of the year! This eyebrow look consists of leaving your brows natural but feathering them for a fluffier look! You can use brow gel to ace this look or simple try to feather them as much as you can with an eyebrow brush! 

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