Hats Off To You: Spring and Summer Hats

blankHats are one of my favorite accessories because they can make a boring outfit feel completely new. They can also act as the perfect camouflage for a bad hair day, in addition to the more practical reasons for wearing a hat, such as protection from the sun and wind. You could either put your hair in a bun and use the hat to cover it and wear it as the main attraction, or curl/wave it to have it be a nice companion to the hat you choose. Going beyond the average baseball hat, if you find a hat you like in one of these styles, you can order online so that it will (hopefully) be here after quarantine is over and you can make your outside world debut in style.

Panama Hats

This style just screams summer. A panama hat like this one from Windsor pairs well with more sleek and dressed up outfits, like ripped jeans, booties and a statement leather jacket. If your style steers toward western influence, his hat will fulfill that with an added edge.

Cabbie Hats

These hats seem to have a resurgence about every other decade, and now is once again their time. A cabby hat is great for those who one a cute, low maintenance look or are on the go all the time. They’re really versatile – they can be worn with a casual fit or dressed up for a night out. I’m personally a fan of the cabby and often wear it with my hair curled or in two low buns. This plaid patterned cabby is available at Buckle.

Straw Hats

In a place as hot as North Texas, a straw hat is a must if you’re spending time outside. This hat from Forever 21  puts a twist on the classic straw hat – the front is curved a little to mimic the shape of a cowboy hat. What better hat for a Texan? Contrastingly, this hat from H&M is a bit more understated and the black ribbon around the base gives it a classic touch.

Bucket Hats

Much like the cabby, bucket hats have come back from fashion’s past and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Bucket hats, like these from H&M’s new collection add a sense of youthful fun and are perfect for the spring and summer. 

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