Tips for Dyeing and Cutting Hair at Home

A new look can help boost your mood and give you a fresh outlook on life. Hair is one of the easiest changes that can be done at home, and if done correctly, can look just as good as if you took a trip to the salon. During this time of self-isolation and quarantine, giving yourself a haircut or upgrading your color is a fun activity that can help you feel your best while stuck inside.

As someone who enjoys changing their hairstyle often and has had nearly every cut and color possible, I’ve learned how to successfully do DIY hairstyles with the help of research (thank you, Youtube) and good old trial and error. 

If you’re in need of a hair update, these tips can guide you on your journey to a new look.

 Beware of Box Dye

Although they’re the most accessible way to color your hair, box dyes can damage healthy hair by stripping it of its natural proteins. If your goal is to go lighter, box dyes can give you a brassy tone. However, if you want to achieve a color like black or brown, a box dye could do the trick with minimal damage. 

Semi-Permanent Color 

Sometimes a slight, temporary change is all you need. In this case, a semi-permanent dye that will fade after a certain number of washes is the way to go. L’Oréal has pastel temporary colors, like this one from Ulta, that those with light hair can use to get a splash of springtime color.

Taking the Plunge with Permanent Color

For hues like red, blonde, and practically any other color of the rainbow, you’ll need to lighten it first to achieve your desired color if you have dark hair. Perfecting an at-home blonde is tedious, but not impossible. The most important steps are to pair the correct volume of developer (which helps lift your natural color) with bleach to lighten, and always apply bleach to the roots last because your roots process more quickly. If you’re going blonde, a toner or silver shampoo will help you get more precise icy shades. 

If your final destination isn’t blonde, you can put your desired color over your bleached hair. 

Red hair can be achieved by using developer and products like L’Oreal’s HiColor Hilights from Sally Beauty – bleach isn’t necessary.

Switch it Up with Bangs

Cutting bangs can make it look like you’ve had a dramatic change, when really it’s something you can do in your bathroom with scissors you have around the house. After sectioning your hair and separating the part you want to trim, twist the ends of the section and gradually cut until you reach the desired length. 

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