Celebrate National Meatball Day in Addison

Monday, March 9 marks another special national foodie day – National Meatball Day! Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s awesome! A whole day to celebrate this delicious treat. Whether as an appetizer or part of the main course, these amazing round meat patties absolutely deserve to be celebrated.

Although it is unclear who exactly invented the first meatball, many believe that it came from Persia where they would take leftover meat to make Kofta. Kofta combines minced ground meat mixed with spices that are rolled into cylinders. From Persia, the dish made its way to the Arab world where it was altered and made into balls. It is believed that through the different trade routes the dish started to make its way around the world, eventually making it to the U.S. where Italian immigrants paired it with marinara sauce and the rest, as they say, is delicious history.

So where should you go to celebrate this delicious day?

Kenny’s Italian Kitchen

Kenny’s Italian Kitchen serves classic Italian as well as Italian-American dishes. One of my favorite dishes here happens to be their Midnight Meatballs. Get them as an appetizer or with their delicious pasta and red sauce. These are in a category of their own.

Antonio Ristorante

Right in the heart of Addison Circle is Antonio Ristorante. Chef Antonio’s delicious creations will transport you to the old country and. The menu features fresh seasonal items and fine Italian wines. Try the Meatballs Della Casa as an appetizer, house-made meatballs with zesty marinara. If you are coming in for lunch, the House Made Meatball Sandwich is hard to beat. It’s served with your choice of Julienne fries, house salad or the vegetable of the day. Of course, the Spaghetti con Scelta di Salse (Spaghetti with choice of your favorite sauce). Make sure to ask your waiter about their wine selection.

Zoli’s Pizza

Zoli’s serves up some amazing pies. That’s no secret. But while you wait for your pie to come out, try out their House Meatballs or maybe add an order of the Spaghetti with marinara, meatballs, and parm. If you want to merge the deliciousness of their pies and meatballs together, order the Lil’ Troy; made with Vodka sauce, mini meatballs, stracciatella, hot cherry peppers, and garlic breadcrumbs.

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