Town of Addison Presents Urban Coyotes, Feb. 6

blankAnnoyed by coyotes taking over your backyard? Join the Town of Addison at 6 p.m. tonight, Feb. 6, at Addison Treehouse for a special Urban Coyotes meeting with speaker Sam Kieschnick.

The Town of Addison Police Department and Town of Addison Animal Control are teaming up to host a public information session on urban coyotes. This event will feature Kieschnick, an urban wildlife biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife to discuss our local coyote population.

According to Addison Animal Control’s website, “Addison is home to many types of wildlife, but none cause as much concern as coyotes. Unfortunately, coyotes have a bad reputation, and despite what you see on the news, they rarely threaten humans. Smaller animals, such as cats and dogs, may be at risk with nearby coyotes, and pet owners should be mindful of letting domesticated animals roam outside while unattended…While their presence may be discomforting for some, coyotes are an integral part of the local ecosystem, and will not be disturbed unless they pose a credible threat to humans in the area.”

Kieschnick works in the Urban Wildlife Program for Texas Parks and Wildlife. According to its website, “As Texas becomes increasingly urban, the need for nature in our cities becomes more and more critical. Over 86 % of the Texas population live in urban areas…The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Urban Wildlife Program has urban biologists stationed in the top six areas to provide urban communities with professional planning guidance, management recommendations, research and public outreach associated with wildlife, habitat and natural resource management.”

The Town of Addison Animal Control responds to a variety of different animal-related issues within the Town of Addison. According to their website, the following wildlife species are very common in Addison: armadillos, bats, bobcats, coyotes, opossums, raccoons, skunks, snakes and waterfowl. If you have a nuisance animal on your property, contact Animal Control to discuss possible solutions at 972-450-2845.


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