Outdoor Workout Ideas in the Corridor

 Being outside makes me feel alive. The wind in my hair, sun on my face (I can practically feel my skin absorbing vitamin D) and the gorgeous nature scenes surrounding me are just amazing. For me, I would much rather workout outside any day than inside a gym. Especially when the weather is cooler! For other outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of options right here in the Corridor. So, grab a hat, zip up your jacket and get ready for an awesome sweat session!

Run in the Park

Running is a classic exercise for a reason – it builds strength, endurance and is easy to do. The Town of Addison has many amazing parks with trails, perfect for walking, jogging and sprinting. Some of the best options are Winnwood Park, where you can run through the forest; Vitruvian Park, where you can run long distances on the 2.8-mile looped trail; and Celestial Park, where you can run many laps around the circular park with the famous steps. For a more intense workout, add jumping squats, walking lunges and push-ups to your workout.

Do Goat Yoga

For a more relaxing (and adorable!) workout, attend Goat Yoga at Addison Circle Park from 2-3 p.m. Jan. 25. Hosted by Addison Athletic Club and Goat Yoga Richardson, this event is a beginner yoga class, where you can stretch and grow while cute goats wander around, under and on top of you. Afterward, you can get pictures with the little creatures!

Attend Camp Gladiator

For those who like to get their hearts pumping surrounded by others, then Camp Gladiator might be for you! Sign up for classes at Addison Circle Park, available from 4:50 a.m.-7:45 p.m. depending on what works for your schedule. Each camp (or workout) is a 60-minute, full-body workout that includes cardio and strength. No two workouts are the same! All fitness levels are welcome, as any move can be modified to be easier or more challenging depending on your ability. This is a great way to motivate yourself to exercise – you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors at the same time!

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