Home Décor Trends for 2020

Home decor, courtesy of ML Interiors Group.

A fresh start begins in the home. Now is the time to paint those walls, replace that faded painting, buy those new kitchen cabinets. Updating the space you live in will make you happy every time you come home – which is definitely worth the expense! We sat down with Michelle Lynne, president and principal designer of Michelle Lynne Interiors Group, to ask her opinion on the top home décor trends for 2020. Keep reading for inspiration on your next re-decorating project!

“Homes are not as stark or simple these days,” said Lynne. “We are seeing a lot of textures. Color is back, compared to the grays and light neutrals of the past. Traditional patterns with a modern color palette is making a bold entrance. There is more personality in the accessories – they are geared to add more interest and start conversations. Also, mixing materials (not just finishes) on furnishings is popular. For example, rattan plus leather is very on-trend this year and will not be dated in the near future.”

If you love playing with colors, Lynne recommends anything in jewel tones – emeralds, ruby, amethyst and others. These are “more relaxed and earthy.” In fact, color is so important this year, Lynne says it is the one thing you should do to update your home.

Home decor, courtesy of ML Interiors Group.

“Whether it be in your art, a statement piece or new furniture, adding color is the easiest way to change the look of your home,” said Lynne. “Also, mix different textures in your fabrics. Leather next to a thick velvet next to a canvas, for example. You can also add organic materials – wood, leather, greenery – to create a more casual tone to your home.”

Just remember, updating your home should be fun. So, if you see something that catches your eye and you enjoy looking at, feel free to get it and hang it up at home. Or paint your room purple. If it makes you happy, then it is definitely in style!

“At the end of the day, your home should reflect your style and welcome you home,” said Lynne. “And when you’re decorating, look at the home as a whole and ensure the style is consistent throughout.”

If you need help, call the experts at Michelle Lynne Interiors Group to help! Your home should be a place that, well, feels like home!

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