Celebrate National Coffee Break Day Jan. 20

National Coffee Break Day is coming up in just a few days. That’s right, on Jan. 20, we get a whole day dedicated to one of the best parts of the workday. Whether you take the break at the office or go out to grab a quick cup of delicious coffee at one of the nearby coffee shops, let’s celebrate!

At our office, we started a Cafecito Club. It comes from growing up in a family of coffee growers, sitting together to enjoy a cup of coffee was part of our day. For our office, I make Cafecito, which is Cuban Espresso Coffee; it’s very strong and very sweet. It’s the perfect way to recharge our batteries for the rest of the day. Every Wednesday at noon, we get together to eat lunch and have coffee for dessert. I bring my Imusa electric espresso maker (it’s portable and very easy to use) and we brew Café La Llave. It is simply the best Cuban-style coffee. Try it, and taste the deliciousness.  It is a whole experience, from making the coffee to getting to stop down for a few minutes to talk to my coworkers and laugh for a bit. It’s very therapeutic.

Of course, not everyone has the time to stop down and make coffee for the office. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking a break to enjoy a cup of joe. We have lots of amazing coffee shops in the Corridor where you can pick some up to go and even bring back enough for the office.

Dunn Brothers Coffee is a great place to stop by during the day to take a break. Grab a seat and enjoy their Vanilla Iced Nirvana-Dunn Brothers Infinite Black Cold Press Coffee, steamed with half and half and finished with chocolate syrup and chocolate sauce.

Of course, if you are in between meetings and need to get back to the office, Starbucks on Midway and Belt Line has a drive-thru window that will get you on your way fast. Another quick option is Scooter’s Coffee on Belt Line. They serve amazing coffee – always fresh and always fast.

Finally, if you want to spread the love around, how about getting a few gift cards for the office? Everyone loves gift cards!

How will you celebrate?

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