Bynum Chiropractic Can Help Build Immunity and Relieve Cold Weather Pain

Bynum Chiropractic Can Help Build Immunity and Relieve Cold Weather Pain
Bynum Chiropractic Wins 2019 Readers’ Choice Award.

Chilly winter weather is nice (hello, snowy weather, sweaters and seasonal lattes!), but it can bring its share of problems as well. When the temperatures drop, so do our immune systems. And strangely, random aches and pains that we haven’t thought about in a while tend to come back as well – ugh! Luckily, Bynum Chiropractic can help! As 2019 Addison – The Guide Readers’ Choice Awards winner for Favorite Chiropractor, Bynum Chiropractic has the skills and expertise needed to help you feel better this time of year. Certain chiropractic treatments are designed to support your immune system and relieve pain, getting you back on your feet (and into your new jeans and boots) in no time!

“Usually the shift of weather and changing barometric pressures can flare up chronic conditions,” said David Bynum, D.C., owner of Bynum Chiropractic. “This generally also marks the beginning of flu season. Not only can chiropractic care stimulate the immune system, but also it can ease chronic conditions.”

Dr. Bynum prides himself in his high skill level in the art of chiropractic care. Not only is he well-versed in many techniques, but also, he teaches chiropractors internationally. He believes in the power of chiropractic care so much that his office only practices chiropractic adjustments. They have patients coming in for everything from neck and back pain, sciatic pain and frozen shoulder.

Because stress can accumulate and show itself in a variety of ways – headaches, sore necks, back pain – Bynum Chiropractic can work with everyone to help alleviate the pain and stop the problem. Their main focus areas include auto accidents, where even minor accidents can lead to significant spinal misalignments; pregnant women, where Dr. Bynum utilizes gentle adjustments to help the mother relieve stress on her body; children and infant care, as babies and kids can have misalignments and pain; and senior care, where Dr. Bynum helps older people restore normal functions so they can enjoy life to the fullest. People love Bynum Chiropractic care so much, they voted his practice 2019 Readers’ Choice Award winner.

“We feel highly honored to be a Readers’ Choice Award winner!” said Dr. Bynum. “Addison – The Guide is an important part of the community. And as a thread in the fabric of the community, we feel incredibly honored to be a part of it. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us because this helps spread the awareness of who we are and what we are about – which helps us help more people.” 

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from feeling your best! Make an appointment at Bynum Chiropractic today to get rid of the pain, prevent illness and enjoy the end of the year!


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Bynum Chiropractic Can Help Build Immunity and Relieve Cold Weather Pain

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