An Apple A Day

blankWe’ve all heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” right? While it seems too good to be true that just eating an apple every day could somehow help us stay healthy, guess what? It’s actually true. According to a study by Harvard, “Apples are rich in quercetin and pectin, both of which are credited for supplying apples with their health benefits.” In short, they have shown to help with lowering cholesterol and weight control.

Because they are so easy to store and transport, apples are usually available throughout the year in the U.S. They are great as a snack, in salads, desserts and even as a drink.

Let’s start with the healthy stuff. Grab a Market Salad at Chick-fil-A and enjoy the crunchy mix of red and green apples. If you are looking for something to snack on during the day, grab some fresh apples at Whole Foods, Kroger or Tom Thumb. I usually keep a snack bag with apple slices with me to snack on. It’s been great because it’s replaced all the unhealthy snacks from the snack machine.

If you are looking to make some apple-flavored cocktails, try an Apple Margarita. Made with apple juice, schnapps, tequila and sour mix. A delicious drink for the summertime. Another easy and tasty cocktail is the Homecoming Caipirinha. Impress your friends with this easy-to-make drink. You will need Fuji apples, lemon, sage and cinnamon agave nectar and some apple juice. It’s a delicious fall or winter drink. Get the full recipe here.

Can I interest you in some desserts? How about the delicious homemade apple pie at Norma’s Café? Or Olive Garden’s Warm Apple Crostata? “Northern Spy apples are baked inside a crispy pastry crust within hours of Harvest!” Yes please! It’s served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream! How can you not save room for dessert when this is on the menu?

Do you have a favorite recipe or dish that features apples? We’re always looking for new dishes try out. Let us know if you have one we should try in the comments section below.

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