Addison FixIT App Available for Download

 If there is a problem you need to report or an issue you would like to raise a concern about in Addison, then you’re in luck. It’s now easier than ever to report problems thanks to the Addison FixIT app! The Town of Addison has officially transitioned to a new Addison FixIT app to better serve the community. It is now available for download for Android and iOS devices.

With the Addison FixIT app, you can report problems around town through its more intuitive user experience. The administration features of this app will help streamline the Town’s response to requests and allow staff to send progress updates on multi-phase requests.

Photo caption: Addison FixIT home screen.

“Notice a streetlight out, an illegally placed sign or a stray dog? Now you can report it by using Addison’s new Addison FixIT app,” stated its website. Simply take or upload a photo and mark an exact location on a map to submit your request. And if you are using the app, you don’t have to login every time! Just open it and submit.

For those who don’t want another app on their phones, you can report a problem online as well.

Addison officially made the transition to the Addison FixIT app on Dec. 23, 2019. If you were registered with the old version of the app, you will need to install the new app and re-register before you can submit requests.

Please note: if you experience an after-hours emergency issue (like a water outage or sewer overflow), please contact the non-emergency dispatch number at 972-450-7156. Requests made through social media, the Addison FixIT app or the Town’s website will only be addressed during regular business hours.

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