Get Perfect Braids with These Corridor Products

After I learned how to braid hair using Barbie dolls and my mom as practice, I used to braid my hair all the time. French braids, waterfalls braids, two braids, half-braids – it was all fun for me. As an adult, I still sweep my hair up in a classic braid every now and then (especially on hot days), but I haven’t used braids as much for style as I should. This winter, let’s take back the braid! With a few products available in the Corridor, you can have runway-worthy braids in no time.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray, Sephora – $31

Before styling your hair, spray it with this Bumble and Bumble texturizing spray. This is like magic in a bottle, as it provides an instant fullness and lightweight volume that gives your har the flowy, movie star look. Simple spritz this dry formula all over your hair, then work it with a brush. From there, do a loose braid or two, then pull out the hair for a fluffy, gorgeous style.

Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Finishing Spray, Sephora – $26

When your style is complete, spray this Drybar finishing spray all over. This will help hold the hair in place like hairspray, while also absorbing light oils and refreshing your hair. The sweet coconut, amber and vanilla blend in the Blanc scent is just an added bonus.

Riviera 4 on Metal/Pearl Salon Clips, Ulta – $12

Add a little dazzle to your braid with these classy Riviera salon clips from Ulta. The four clips each are painted with a gold metal paint, and two of them are fitted with tiny pearls going around the edge. These are especially useful if you just want to braid back your bangs or the top half of your hair.


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