Board Your Furry Friends at Citydog! Club for Thanksgiving

Board Your Furry Friends at Citydog! Club for ThanksgivingThis is not a drill: Thanksgiving is happening this month! I can practically taste the sweet turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, warm green bean casserole and heavenly chocolate pie already. While Turkey Day is a wonderful holiday to spend time with family and friends, it’s not always easy on our furriest family members. Whether you are flying cross-country to see your grandparents or just going to be spending a jam-packed few days at home (because we all know after Thanksgiving it’s time to go shopping!), don’t leave your dogs alone. They would much rather play with their friends at Citydog! Club in Addison.

“If you take your dog with you on Thanksgiving, they won’t like being in an unknown space,” said Maggie Russell, regional manager of Citydog! Club. “They aren’t comfortable with change or being left alone for long periods of time. At Citydog!, we are skilled in helping dogs get comfortable. That’s why we require a meet and greet to get to know your dog and you, followed by a complementary day of daycare so your dogs can get used to Citydog! before their overnight stay. Dogs are pack animals – they need to be around friends and humans to keep them happy.” 

Citydog! Club is always staffed 24 hours a day, to make sure that dogs are always getting human attention. Additionally, dogs are grouped by size and temperament, so they can easily make friends and avoid fights with other dogs. During the day, dogs can play in the specially designed dog park, complete with toys, trampolines and plenty of space to run and play. They will also get to go on outdoor walks to get fresh air. And you can feel safe knowing that every dog that goes to Citydog! Is up-to-date on all their vaccines and are spayed and neutered if they are older than six-months-old. 

When it’s time for lights-out, the dogs will get to sleep in the veterinarian-recommended Kuranda beds, while listening to dreamy light music. Family dogs can also stay in the same private den, so they don’t get lonely. They will also be provided with award-winning Orijen dog food, which is unmatched in quality (guests are also allowed to bring their own dog food). If you want, every dog has the option to upgrade to a private space at night, where they will get a special bed, filtered water and other high-class amenities. To help your dog feel even more at-home, consider bringing a T-shirt that smells like you to give your dog extra comfort. 

Before check-out, your dog can visit the Citydog! Style Bar, where they can get cleaned, fluffed and styled! Each grooming experience includes a massage with HydroSurge, which uses InjectAir technology to penetrate the coat and bring oxygen to the skin, leaving dogs healthy and clean. Afterward, each pup will get a heat-free hand blow out and brush, a nail trim and grind, an ear cleaning and deodorizing, a spritz of perfume, a bandana and a complimentary treat. You can also order the Best in Show upgrade, which includes a luxurious blueberry facial and paw balm. 

“For the winter, an experienced stylist at Citydog! can groom and trim your dogs’ fur, keeping it a little longer for the season,” said Russell. “You can get a little skirt on your Schnauzer or keep your Goldendoodle’s hair long with their face trimmed. They can also help deshed a fluffy dog, so you don’t have extra hair all over your home for the holidays!” 

Finally, if you ever start to miss Princess or Fluffy, check in on them by logging onto the webcam from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. daily. “You can see what your dogs are doing on Thanksgiving – they are probably having more fun than you are!” said Russell. 

Right now, Citydog! Club is offering a special, where if you book 10 days you will get 10% off, and if you book two dogs at once, you will get 10% off each dog. Finally, new members interested in doggie daycare can get two complementary days when they book a 10-day package and four complementary days when they book a 20-day package. These days do not have to be consecutive – you can save them for emergency or unplanned day-trips! Half-day packages are also available, where you can board your dogs for up to five hours at a reduced rate. 

Citydog! Club has locations in Texas, California, Washington and Washington, D.C. Its Addison Club is located at 3870 Ponte Avenue, Suite 130. They offer one special promise to dogs: make them feel loved; keep them safe and sound; provide them a sparkling clean Club; surround them with good humans and give them more wiggle in the wag! 

There’s enough to worry about on Thanksgiving – like how many pieces of pie you can get away with before Aunt Carol notices – without having to worry about your dog. Spoiling your pet has never been easier; book their stay at Citydog! Club today!

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Board Your Furry Friends at Citydog! Club for Thanksgiving

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