Tips for Growing Your Hair Out

Tips for Growing Your Hair OutWhen I was a kid, I cried every time I got a haircut. Not because I was afraid of the scissors – I was afraid of having short hair! Each time, my mom assured me that cutting my hair actually helped it to grow longer, which is still something I can’t quite wrap my brain around (something about getting rid of the split ends?). But this season, inspired by the long, flowy locks of my friends, I decided I want to try to grow my hair out again. Here are a few things you can do to get the Rapunzel-like hair of your dreams. 

Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair Growth, Sephora – $25 

These vegan gummy hearts not only look cute, but also they help you get stronger, healthier hair! Formulated with vitamin b12, biotin, zinc, PABA, folic acid and Fo-Ti, these vitamins help your hair grow in thicker, healthier and even more pigmented for a pretty hair color. Just take two a day to start seeing results in four to  eight weeks. 

Coconut Oil, Whole Foods – Various Prices

Just a little coconut oil can do a world of good for your mane! Grab any kind at Whole Foods Addison, and massage into your hair. Make sure to give your scalp plenty of love and attention during this part, as rubbing your head can stimulate the scalp to improve hair thickness. The coconut oil itself then works to make hair stronger and shinier. Just remember: if your hair is naturally oily, rub in the coconut oil before bed so you can wash it out in the morning.  

SILKE London Poppy Protective Hair Wrap, Neiman Marcus – $65 

Did you know that your hair can be damaged – while you sleep? It’s true! When you toss and turn on abrasive bed linens, your hair can be damaged, leading to slow growth, split ends and thinner hair. This SILKE London hair wrap fights this by wrapping your hair in 100 percent silk. Simply slip it on over your head, and it will keep your hair soft, protected and smooth overnight. It even works to prevent hair breakage, maintain your style, balance oily roots and reduce hair loss! Hair of my dreams, here I come! 

OUAI Hair Oil, Sephora – $28 and Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Neiman Marcus – $399

There is nothing worse than growing your hair out, only to realize that you have inches of broken, damaged split ends. Prevent that by keeping your hair protected from damage while it is growing. Use a two-part system. First, the OUAI Hair Oil, designed to protect from heat/UV damage, fight frizz and make your hair super hydrated. Next, use a hair dryer that works for you – not against you. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is specially formulated to protect hair from heat damage, while drying quickly and decreasing flyaways. Seriously, it is gentle on your hair and powerful for your style. You will wonder why you ever used anything else! And yeah, if you do have those damaged ends, frequent trims will help. Your hair will grow longer and prettier afterward, just like your mom always said! 


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Tips for Growing Your Hair Out

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