Participate in Self-Care This Fall: Get Your Teeth Cleaned by Dr. Tuan Chau at Addison Dental Group 

Participate in Self-Care This Fall: Get Your Teeth Cleaned by Dr. Tuan Chau at Addison Dental Group Nobody likes going to the dentist—it’s a known fact. But Dr. Tuan Chau, DMD, dentist at Addison Dental Group, thinks of dental care a little differently: as a form of self-care. Dr. Chau, who took over the practice in August 2018 from Dr. Robert Halbach, D.D.S., has a goal of improving the quality of life for his patients, whether that means being pain-free or having a confident, beautiful smile. We sat down with Dr. Chau to learn more about him and why fall is the perfect time to take care of yourself—and your teeth.

“Nowadays, people have shifted to more of a healthier lifestyle, with more of a focus on self-care,” said Dr. Chau. “What has become more popular now are things such as teeth straightening—like Invisalign—teeth whitening, and cosmetic procedures, such as ceramic crowns or veneers. Another thing that has become increasingly more popular within recent years are tooth replacement options. Technology has grown so much, where we can now predictably and safely replace missing teeth with procedures such as dental implant placements.” 

Dr. Chau was born and raised in Los Angeles, where he became familiar with the importance of dentistry at an early age. He had several dental issues and jaw issues growing up, which required the need for several dental procedures over the years, including orthodontics braces and jaw surgery. “My experience with the compassionate dental professionals involved with my treatments, and the quality of life improvements that resulted from these treatments, is what ultimately put me on the path of dentistry,” he explained. 

In 2015, Dr. Chau received his doctor of medicine in dentistry degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He is proficient in several areas of dentistry, such as cosmetic restorations, fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges. He has also done additional training in order to provide more complex procedures to patients, including root canals, surgical extractions, surgical bone and ridge augmentation and surgical placement of implants and implant restorations. 

“Fall is a great time to do a dental cleaning and exam,” said Dr. Chau. “People’s lives are so busy these days; whether it’s summer vacations, school events for kids, work deadlines or something else. We find that during the fall is when things seem to calm down. Summer has just ended, most people’s travel holidays have finished and kids are back in school. Fall is when there is some downtime before the busy winter holiday season starts up again. With things slowing down, it is now a good time that someone can focus on self-care. People can now take care of any pestering dental issues that they have been holding off on.” 

Located at 5080 Spectrum Drive #610E in Addison, Addison Dental Group provides general, cosmetic and preventative dental care. They use the latest technology, like digital x-rays and panoramics, to make your experience as smooth as possible, and they offer outstanding services, including Zoom! Whitening, Invisalign clear aligners, endodontic care, sedation dentistry and more. 

Before you schedule your next mani-pedi or take a long hot bath in the name of self-care, make your regular dentist appointment first. You can finally take care of a problem that bothers you or  just get the peace of mind that comes from a clean bill of dental health! 

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Participate in Self-Care This Fall: Get Your Teeth Cleaned by Dr. Tuan Chau at Addison Dental Group 

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