Get Beautifully Curly Hair for Fall at Cross & Co. Salon in Addison! 

Stick-straight, flat hair? I don’t know her! Give your flat iron a rest this season, and opt for gorgeous wavy locks instead. Cross & Co. Salon in Addison can give your hair a curly makeover that it deserves. We sat down with Erica LeCross, owner of Cross & Co. about her favorite trends right now — and why she loves helping women get beautiful hair! 

“I’m a huge advocate for those wanting to love and care for their curls,” said LeCross. “I take much joy in educating clients with my knowledge in textured hair. Especially when those I have assisted message me with Thank You notes. At the end of the day, that’s why I do what I do — the fact that I can make a tiny, positive difference in the lives of the people I come into contact with makes a huge impact on me!” 

Cross & Co. is unique because of LeCross’s love of curls. She specializes in cutting and styling wavy, curly and coily hair, and all hair in between. She is trained and certified in many curl techniques, such as Deva Cut and Rezo Cut, which help in executing my textured client’s goals. 

Right now, her most popular service is the Curly Cut, which includes a clarifying detox treatment, deep conditioning treatment and step-by-step “curl coaching” with a styling session. “With ‘curl coaching,’ I walk the client through what products to use, how to use said products, how to wet set the curls and how to diffuse the curls to achieve their desired finished look,” explained LeCross. 

If you’ve had your hair done at LeCross and love their work (because, obviously, why wouldn’t you?), then be sure to vote for them in Addison – The Guide’s 11th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards by Oct. 25!

“It’s an amazing feeling for my salon to have been recognized as a finalist for the Readers’ Choice Awards!” said LeCross. “As a small business owner and a Hispanic woman brought up in a low-income family, who had little-to-no education, this is even more special to me. I want to help all curly-haired women to rock their hair, but also I’d like to motivate others in the community with a similar background as I have to put in the hard work and follow their hearts to meet their goals — no matter the obstacles!” 

LeCross is inspiring us more and more every day – keep up the amazing work!

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