Addison Gets Fired Up to Write With Author H. R. D’Costa

blankAuthor H. R. D’Costa plans to kindle creative and entrepreneurial spirit by sharing the story behind her publishing journey at the Addison TreeHouse

Author and writing coach H. R. D’Costa will celebrate the publication of Sizzling Story Outlines (a plotting guide for novelists and screenwriters) by throwing a book-launch party at the Addison TreeHouse on November 5, at 5 p.m. Addison Mayor Joe Chow will welcome the author in a special ribbon-cutting ceremony. Like many creatives (and entrepreneurs), D’Costa let go of her writing dream in order to pursue a more practical career path. In fact, after she graduated from Brown University, she almost became a lawyer—twice. But when she saw story ideas and character sketches within the legal cases she had to read for class, she knew that she couldn’t let fear come in between her and her writing dream any longer. So, she said good-bye to her full-ride scholarship to law school, and dedicated herself to studying films, screenplays, and novels in order to understand why some stories were gripping…while others were easy to walk away from. Ultimately, she shared her insights on her website,, as well as in eight writing guides, including Sizzling Story Outlines, which aims to take the stress out of plotting
for novelists and screenwriters. “Following the creative or entrepreneurial path can be tricky because there’s no set timetable for success. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up,” D’Costa says. “But, what I’ve found, is that you’ll end up being more frustrated if you let go of your dreams. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to have the courage to pursue their passion, whether that means writing a book or a screenplay…or launching their own business.”

D’Costa is also scheduled to present a short discussion about her writing career “Why not write a book: Tips and inspiration”… at the All Saints Catholic Church (ASCC) library on November 3, 2019 after the 5:00 p.m., evening Mass, beginning at 6:30 p.m…She is the daughter of ASCC parishioner, Joseph D’Costa. D’Costa is the daughter of South Asian immigrants. In a nod to her ethnic heritage, the launch party will feature Sri Lankan cuisine (appetizer, buffet, and dessert) prepared by Chef Nimidu Senaratne of Spicy Zest. Guests will also receive an autographed paperback of Sizzling Story Outlines (voted #1 Plotting Tool by as well as a commemorative photo of the event. Mayor Joe Chow will welcome H. R. D’Costa to Addison in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The book launch is scheduled for 5 p.m. on November 5, at the Addison TreeHouse, a co-working space for North Dallas entrepreneurs. Early-bird tickets cost $25. For more information about the event and to purchase your tickets, please visit 


H. R. D’Costa is an author and writing coach specializing in story structure and story stakes. Through her website, her “deep dive” writing guides, and online course Smarter Story Structure, she provides novelists and screenwriters with practical tools to create stories that readers can’t put down. Her popular resource, the Ultimate Story Structure Worksheet, has been downloaded over 37,000 times by writers from around the world.

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Please contact Joseph D’Costa ( or
214-551-9973) for more information about the event, to request a
review copy of Sizzling Story Outlines, or to schedule an interview
with author H. R. D’Costa.

2 thoughts on “Addison Gets Fired Up to Write With Author H. R. D’Costa”

  1. I hope that many young people will feel inspired to follow the footsteps of Author H, R. DCosta and write multiple books like her. Also follow their dream instead of trying to fit into a certain set mold like a well known professional path like medicine or law in order to satisfy or win others.

    I also wish that their parents will support them to follow their dream like the parents of H. R. DCosta despite all uncertainties.

    My best wishes to Author H. R. DCosta.

    Harriet DCosta MD, mother of the author

  2. HR was an avid reader and maxed out her borrowing privileges at the Palm Harbor library when she was ten years old. The library had to borrow books (inter library loan program) from the University of South Florida…Best to her in all her literary endeavors…
    Joseph D’Costa, HR’s Dad…


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