Addison After Dark: Let’s Do The Time Warp, Oct. 19

blankIt’s a dark and stormy night. Your car breaks down. The only house in sight is a creepy-as-heck mansion that belongs to Dr. Frank N. Furter – what do you do? If you’ve seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, then you know the answer: go in, meet a bunch of creepy characters and have a wild, unpredictable evening! Now, you can have a chance to dress up like your favorite characters and party at the Addison After Dark: Let’s Do the Time Warp from 7-11 p.m. on Oct. 19 at Addison Circle Park.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 musical comedy about an innocent young couple, Brad and Janet, who are stranded during a storm and find their way inside Dr. Frank N. Furter’s home. Once inside, they see things that are increasingly strange and odd, all leading to the mad scientist’s unveiling of his latest creation: Rocky. Addison After Dark: Let’s Do the Time Warp will be the Town of Addison’s first outdoor screening of this offbeat musical!

“Our outdoor showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is perfect for both fans of the cult classic film and those who just want to dress up and have fun,” said Jasmine Lee, special events director for the Town of Addison. “We expect a rowdy crowd full of singing, dancing, rice-throwing and more, and encourage everyone to channel their favorite RHPS character for a chance to win great prizes and make unique memories with friends.”

 Fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show understand that this is not a simple viewing experience – it’s a chance to dress up, sing loud and play along as Brad and Janet stumble upon Dr. Frank N. Furter’s mansion. Guests are encouraged to participate by dressing like your favorite character, bringing props from home or purchasing a prop kit onsite for $10 (credit cards only).

These prop kits include rice to throw as the newlyweds exit the church; newspaper for covering your head during the rainstorm; a water gun to simulate the rainstorm; a flashlight to light up the park during “Over at the Frankenstein Place”; rubber gloves to snap on in sync with Frank during the creation speech; confetti to throw as Rocky and Frank make their exit; toilet paper (“Great Scott!”) to hurl in the air; toast to toss when Frank proposes a toast; a party hat to put on when Frank puts on his party hat; and playing cards (“Cards for sorrow, cards for pain”) to shower the park with.blank

The interactive movie experience begins at 7 p.m. Afterward, dance the night away at the Glow Dance Party with DJ Austin, beginning at 9 p.m. Afterward, strut your stuff in the RHPS costume contest, beginning at 9:30 p.m., with prizes awarded to the top 3 winners! During the event, you can also purchase food from Street Bites, Just Encased or Taylor’s Sweet Shop. America’s Finest Beverage Catering will be onsite selling beer, wine and other drinks, with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Adaptive Training Foundation, which trains people with disabilities.

Addison After Dark is a new series that began in May 2019 that brings a fresh perspective on themed entertainment in Addison Circle Park. The last event in the series will be on Nov. 16 with Harvest Hootenanny, a family-themed fall festival that will include outdoor games, a petting zoo, folk music and more entertainment.

Invite your friends to this free event (with free parking)! Bring a blanket to kick back on the lawn, wear your craziest makeup and wildest wigs to get in the spirit of Halloween and Rocky Horror, and be prepared for an exciting evening that will keep you on your toes. While you’re there, use the hashtag #AddisonAfterDark when you share on social media. If you are a The Rocky Horror Picture Show seasoned veteran, or if this is your first time ever watching the movie, you are in for a treat.

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