AddisonArt Program: Paintings by Bernard Bortnick

Hanging on the walls of the Addison Conference Centre are beautiful paintings by Bernard Bortnick. This exhibit is titled “Windows of My Mind,” featuring acrylic and watercolor paintings that include a mix of abstract and realism. He also uses highlights and shadows to help add real dimensions to his still life paintings.

“Windows of My Mind” uses vibrant colors to draw attention to the message Bortnick is conveying in each piece. You will see stunning portraits of people making funny faces, colorful paintings that depict a scene (like people watching live music) and even abstract pieces, like a group of four suits that appear to be walking against a red-and-white striped background—although there are no bodies inside them.

Bortnick’s primary focus is pictorial depictions that have social and political connotations. According to his website, “the artist finds the figurative mode of painting to be the most effective means to deliver his messages. The works frequently display multiple cryptic meanings enticing the viewer to search the clues to understand the painting. However, the artist is also vitally interested in the way the work is painted, composed and imaged, employing tonality, color, line and volume to convey the message.”

Bornick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1932 and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a painter, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, a former professor of architecture at Washington University, and has designed over 100 buildings around the world. He is married and has three children. 

Other upcoming AddisonArt Program artists include James Wright’s watercolors and oil paintings from Sept. 3-Oct. 10; Sara Lennon’s oil paintings from Oct. 15-Dec. 2; and Roy Stockard’s photographs from Dec. 3-Jan. 20, 2020. 

Bernard Bornick’s “Windows of my Mind” exhibit will be hanging at the Conference Centre through Sept. 2. Call 972-450-6241 to make an appointment to see the work yourself!

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