Get Toned for the Summer at TELOS Fitness Center

It happens to the best of us: you see a beautiful swimsuit or perfect shirt on the rack, but it just doesn’t look the same when you try it on in the fitting room. Bikinis, cut-off shorts and sundresses are fun to wear in the summer, but they can give your self-esteem a hit if you’ve been skipping the gym. That can all change this summer. Slip on a new outfit with confidence by joining TELOS Fitness Center! Rock-hard abs, sculpted biceps and strong legs can be yours when you take advantage of their variety of programs, amenities and classes. Getting toned – and feeling great about yourself – has never been easier.

“TELOS provides a deeper and more specialized selection of fitness and wellness services than the large chain clubs could effectively duplicate or that the other private clubs are equipped to offer,” said Everett Aaberg, owner and CEO of TELOS Fitness Center. “The common business model of most multi-purpose clubs and fitness centers is based primarily on growing the number of members; whereas, TELOS’s focus is based on growing the amount and quality of the services we offer to provide superior member experiences and optimal personal results.”

TELOS offers many distinctive group fitness classes, including cycling, swimming, cross-training, Pilates, barre and several disciplines of yoga. Other fitness and wellness services are provided onsite, including customized nutritional counseling and weight loss, specialized massage therapies, Active Release Techniques, Muscle Activation Techniques, Cold-Laser Therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, sport-specific training and rehab, hormone replacement therapy and more.

Everett Aaberg

Working out in TELOS is great in the summer, because after a heavy sweat session, you can cool off in the 25-meter, aerated outdoor pool designed for lap swimming or lounging in the sun. This same pool is heated in the winter, so if the backstroke is your favorite exercise, you can do it all year long! And when the little ones are out of school for the summer, you can leave them at the Tykes Childcare, located onsite. This area provides care for infants and kids of all ages, so you can exercise while your kids have fun!

One of the coolest parts about working out at TELOS Fitness Center is taking advantage of their exclusive Ortho-Kinetics Assessment, Training and Therapy system. This program begins with an assessment, which is a sophisticated process that helps determine the best fitness plan for you. Next, trainers and therapists will use TELOS’s patented software application to design a customized corrective and performance exercise program derived from the cumulative data gathered from your assessment. These trained biomechanics specialists will then guide you through the program, while modifying and teaching precise technique on every exercise to help you reach success. Finally, the therapy part works to integrate the assessment and training systems with different types of therapy and rehab. The TELOS trainers and therapists are trained to work with other health professionals to coordinate their treatment plans with their customized training programs.

“Simply stated, Ortho-Kinetics is renown as the industry’s most comprehensive system for assessing, addressing and progressing a person’s current level of function, fitness and performance,” explained Aaberg. “This proprietary system has received several awards and recognized by fitness, sports and medical professionals alike for its effectiveness at identifying and correcting the postural deviations, muscular imbalances and movement compensations that impede our bodies’ performances and deteriorates our overall health.”

The Ortho-Kinetics System is a complex system to explain, according to Aaberg, but the process itself is actually very simple – and perfect for TELOS members, clients and athletes alike. “Most people will quickly experience measurable results, regardless of their current level of fitness, severity of injuries or loftiest of goals they may have,” said Aaberg. “The other key factor behind our members’ and clients’ success is attributed to the collective expertise, skills and dedication that our team of professionals contribute along with effectiveness of the Ortho-Kinetics System.”

Interested in trying this Ortho-Kinetics System for yourself, or learning about everything else TELOS has to offer? Well, you’re in luck! Right now, TELOS is offering a Christmas in July promotion that provides the best combination of membership options and discounted services that you won’t see offered any other time of the year until Santa comes in December! Right now, all TELOS memberships also come with a complimentary Ortho-Kinetics Assessment and Customized Program. Just call TELOS at 972-386-2582 and ask for Patti Heimbuch, membership manager, to get more information on this special promotion.

 Whether you want to build muscle or just lose that last stubborn five pounds, the experts at TELOS Fitness Center can help. It’s not just about changing your body – it’s about gaining the confidence that comes from taking care of yourself, focusing on your physical and mental wellness, and committing to a healthy lifestyle. After joining TELOS, you will look better in your clothes, but you will also feel better about yourself – and, honestly, that’s all that really matters.

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