Adjust Your Back (And Your Attitude!) at Bynum Chiropractic

Chiropractors aren’t “real doctors.” Chiropractic care doesn’t really work. It’s only for people with serious injuries. It cost too much money. Do any of these statements sound familiar? For some reason, people love to hate on chiropractors. That is, until they finally visit one for the first time and discover the amazing benefits firsthand! Nobody understands this more than David Bynum, Doctor of Chiropractic, whose broken back was healed from chiropractic care so he turned around and opened his own clinic to treat others. This summer, adjust your back (and your attitude) by visiting Bynum Chiropractic.

“The most important thing for people to know about chiropractic care is: it works,” said Bynum. “Chiropractic care is evidence-based and delivers results through a hands-on approach that believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. That’s why everyone that goes to a chiropractor loves their chiropractor and tells all of their friends to go.”

Bynum explained that Roger Sperry, a Nobel Prize winner, found in his research that 90 percent of the activation of the brain comes from the movement of the spine – so keeping your spine healthy keeps the brain healthy. You can get a healthy spine by visiting Bynum Chiropractic and asking for the Specific Prone Technique. “This is great for people who have had a lot of trauma to the spine or just have a hard time relaxing for traditional chiropractic care,” explained Bynum.

At Bynum Chiropractic, every single person is treated with care. Bynum and his team believe that everyone should live their lives to the fullest potential. They can help with injuries from an auto accident, stress on the body from pregnancy, specific child and infant adjustments, and the aches and pains that seniors get, as well as other types of back pain that adults experience.

It works like this: phase one is relief care, where you come in to feel better. Phase two is corrective care, designed to help your muscles and other tissues heal completely to prevent future injury. And phase three is wellness care, where you come in for periodic adjustments once your body has fully healed to ensure stability.

“It’s always good to get a wellness check-up during the summer because summertime days are longer and you’ll be doing more activities and moving more,” added Bynum. 

Interested in living a pain-free life? Contact Bynum Chiropractic today to see if your insurance is covered – most are! – and asking about payment beforehand. There is no reason you should be hurting over the summer. With a little care, and a few adjustments, you will be back to enjoying swimming, barbequing and summer fun in no time!

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