Summer Fashion at Sebastian’s Closet

blankThis summer, men’s fashion is taking a page from the ladies’ rulebook: all things pink, linen and colorful will make any guy look sharp. Don’t take my word for it – Tim Leamy, owner of the popular men’s boutique Sebastian’s Closet inside Village on the Parkway, gave his tips on the hottest trends for the dudes right now. Ladies, it’s time to take your man shopping!blank

Because of the summer heat (you know, those over 100-degree heat index days we’ve been experiencing), it’s important to stay cool. That’s why Leamy recommends linen T-shirts, button-down shirts and shorts. Choose shorts that are right above the knee, with simple patterns – think: stripes, polka dots – being preferable.

In addition, Leamy’s favorite accent color right now is pink! Pink shoes, T-shirts, jackets – they are all amazing. All shades are great, but a rose gold, mauve-colored pink looks nice paired with the more masculine grey or black neutrals.

For a professional setting or a night out, Leamy says, “Wear a soft, relaxed, casual jacket with a pop of color.” For example, he paired a white button-down shirt with a blue-and-brown floral pattern underneath a royal blue sports coat. The final touch was a pink (see how two trends can be used at once?), paisley-patterned handkerchief tucked into the front pocket.

Finally, finish your outfit with sneakers. Leamy recommends anything from the line of On sneakers, which are “super lightweight” sneakers from Switzerland that he carries in-store. These are “perfect to complete a cool outfit or to go on a serious run,” according to Leamy. Buy them in white, grey, orange, green or other colors to match any outfit.

blankMake sure to stop by on the Fourth of July to take advantage of their summer sale!blank

Sebastian’s Closet is a men’s boutique that has spent over 30 years presenting the unexpected, from tailored and refined to spirited and unique. They believe that style is for everyone, as it’s personal and unique, and they love helping men of all ages define their own style. Stop by today for help finding a new outfit, accessory or wardrobe, perfectly fashionable and tailored to your distinct personality.

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