Do Fourth of July Right 

blankAmerican flag T-shirts have been around forever – practically since the first time Betsy Ross sewed The Stars and Stripes – but that doesn’t mean they are the best fashion choice. Listen: as long as you are being patriotic, you can get away with wearing practically anything red, white and blue on the Fourth of July. With that being said, if you prefer a more stylish Independence Day, we do have a few tips for your to try! Feel free to rock these today as well – everyone knows the real party is on July 3 at Addison Kaboom Town! 

Holly Quartaro, fashion stylist at Galleria Dallas, said, “Keep it simple with solid colors, like a white top, denim shorts and red accessories. Or a red top, white jeans and blue accessories. But limit it to one item or area in each color, so it doesn’t get too busy.” 

We love this advice – it’s easy to do, not overpowering and looks great! If you do want to mix colors in your outfit, go with two of the three main colors. For example, we like this blue-and-white polka dot dress from Francesca’s ($38) or this red-and-white striped romper ($44). Another great option (especially for backyard pool parties) is this Mei L’ange red-and-white striped one-shoulder swimsuit from Neiman Marcus ($160), which would look perfect under these James Jean blue shorts with white star patches ($163).

In addition, make sure to dress for the weather (hot, hot, hot). “The Fourth of July is notoriously hot, so you’ll want to think about the weight and fabric of your choices,” added Quartaro. “Choose lightweight, comfortable fabrics that are appropriate for your activities. And if you’re going to be sitting outside at Addison Kaboom Town! in the grass, perhaps go with a wide-leg chambray pant rather than a white short.” 

Finally, accessorize! Any outfit can get in the holiday spirit when paired with these gorgeous star hoop earrings from Nordstrom ($132). Or, sparkle brighter than the fireworks with these Karen London, falling star drop earrings, featuring four stacked stars on each ear with a variety of colorful crystals that shine on your ears ($125).

Now that your outfit is set, all you have to worry about is reapplying your sunscreen, refilling your drink and finding the best spot to watch the show!

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