Pick Up and Return Your Amazon Packages at Whole Foods

blankAfter purchasing the Austin-based Whole Foods grocer for $13.7 billion in 2017, Amazon has sought to add its own personal touches to the retail chain including its most recent update. This new service gives shoppers the ability to pick up packages and return them at the Whole Foods store in Addison at 5100 Belt Line Road. The Addison Whole Foods is the only store in the DFW area to have this new service where customers can get their online purchases at self-service kiosks or at a desk fully staffed with associates and helpers.

To add convenience for its shoppers at the grocery store, the online retail giant has added Amazon lockers to certain Whole Food stores. Amazon Locker is a self-service, secure cubby that can hold packages for up to three days and will open for the customer when they punch in a code. The Addison store has improved upon this concept by staffing the area with associates to help with any problems that arise. Shoppers can bring their packages to the store without a box and the workers there will package the purchase and ship it for them. The Whole Foods in Addison can also hold packages for consumers for 15 days rather than 3. To utilize this new service, shoppers must choose the Addison Whole Foods as their destination.

Although open to all Amazon shoppers, Amazon Prime members receive additional perks at the pickup location such as special sales prices and free same-day delivery to the store with no order minimum. Customers may also choose to keep their packages at Whole Foods if they travel all the time or live in an apartment or condo building.

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