It’s A Taco Tuesday Celebration!

I read the following inspirational quote the other day: “Surround yourself with Tacos, not negativity.” So. Very. true. Tacos bring happiness. Whether you like fajita, al pastor, chicken, shrimp or chorizo, I’m here to help you plan out Taco Tuesday. So, let’s taco-bout it…? Eh? OK, sorry about the dad joke. Let’s dive in.


La Ventana Taqueria

Authentic street tacos right in the heart of Addison. Choose from a variety of meat and veggies like barbacoa, shrimp, steak, chicken, pastor (marinated pork) and more. At $1.95, La Ventana stays true to what a street taco should be. Delicious, loaded with meat and less than $2 a taco.



Delicious Tex-Mex dishes and great tacos! The Tacos plate comes with your choice of Mexican style rice or green chile rice and refried or charro beans. I highly recommend the green chile rice. Choose from seasoned ground sirloin, fajita chicken or guacamole and they are always served on their handmade flour tortillas. They also have Tacos al Carbon, these are filled with fajita chicken or beef and topped with grilled onions and green chiles and very tasty.


DJ’s Taco Express

Homemade dishes and always made with fresh ingredients. DJ’s is open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays and they are closed Sundays. Start your Taco Tuesday early with their breakfast tacos. Add any of these to your eggs to make a delicious breakfast taco: chorizo, potato, bacon, ham, beans or sausage. For lunch, try their chicken or beef fajita tacos, carnitas taco, fish taco or Chalupa tacos.


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Located on Midway Rd just north of 635, Fuzzy’s serves up delicious breakfast tacos: Bacon, egg and cheese; or chorizo, egg and cheese; shrimp, egg and cheese-just to name a few. And for lunch choose from shredded chicken or brisket, spicy pork, grilled fish, grilled shrimp or their California Heat Taco. The California Heat Taco is made with tempura shrimp, bacon, avocado, feta, shredded cheese, pico de gallo and sriracha-lime sauce.


El Tizoncito

Worth the drive-up Marsh Ln to Frankford Road El Tizoncito is a true Mexico City restaurant. Everything on the menu is made with the freshest ingredients and packed with flavor. My favorite tacos here are the Gringa tacos. You get four open-face al pastor tacos on flour tortillas and topped with melted cheese. What makes these tacos legendary is the chopped pineapple you get on the side. The combination of the marinated pork with the sweetness of the pineapple is something you have to experience. The other thing you have to order here is the Choriqueso. These tacos are also served open-face on a flour tortilla and loaded with Spanish sausage and melted cheese. So amazingly delicious!


Celebrate Taco Tuesday and share some pictures with us! We love food pictures!

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