Hair Removal: Laser vs. Wax

It’s almost time for warm weather, spring getaways and lounging by the pool (finally!), but there is one major problem that needs fixed first: legs, armpits and bikini areas that aren’t ready to see the light of day. Shaving is time consuming – who wants to do that every day? – so that leaves two major options for hair removal: laser vs. wax. We talked to the experts at European Wax Center to learn more about which option is best for you.

Cathy Scott, manager at European Wax Center, explained that laser hair removal can be long-lasting, but it can also be very expensive and require many treatment sessions. It’s also not recommended if you have darker skin or lighter hair.

“Thinking about laser hair removal? Well, it can be risky – laser hair removal may or may not provide permanent hair removal. Results vary due to women’s varying skin tones and hair types. It can be very expensive, especially if it doesn’t turn out to be a permanent hair removal solution for you. While waxing provides smooth results for three to four weeks and is very cost effective.”

South Florida waxing expert and European Wax Center national brand ambassador Melanie Coba explained that waxing offers consistent, guaranteed results that reduce hair texture and density over time. “Other forms of hair removal, like lasers, do not remove hair completely in the short or long term for most people. As new technologies emerge, waxing continues to be most effective both short and long term for complete hair removal. Not to mention the benefits, like exfoliation, to the skin.”

The wax used at European Wax Center adheres to the hair (not the skin) and removes hair from the root, while exfoliating at the same time. Scott said that your hair should be at least 1/4-inch long, about the length of a grain of rice, to allow the wax to grip around the hair. “Since your hair is being removed by the root, it will take much longer to grow back,” said Scott. “When your hair does grow back after waxing, it will grow back weaker, making it finer, softer and sparser. Win-win!”

Convinced to get a wax? The most popular services at European Wax Center are the Brazilian and eyebrow wax. “The Brazilian isn’t just something young 20-something women get – mothers, grandmothers and women from all walks of life enjoy it!” said Scott. “In addition, having gorgeously groomed brows can transform your face, play up your eyes and reveal a more confident you. Last year, we did almost four million eyebrow waxes alone!”

First-time female guests can get a complimentary brow, underarm or bikini line wax and first-time male guests can enjoy an ear, nose or brow wax! Also, be sure to check out the Mask Me Hydrogel Face Mask, which was just voted the 2019 Innovative Product of the Year in New Beauty Magazine’s 8thAnnual Beauty Awards and featured on Good Morning America.

 Don’t let summer arrive without beautiful, smooth skin! No matter if you go with laser hair removal or waxing, you’ll be ready for a summer of fun.

1 thought on “Hair Removal: Laser vs. Wax”

  1. Dr. Sheila Nazarian here! I am really glad I ran across this post. I feel like so many of my patients want hair removal but feel like it is going to be a painful drawn out process. Technology has made it so easy to offer hair removal without the pain associated with wax. Laser hair removal is the way to go and offers little to no downtime. Fantastic job on offering advice to patients on rather to go with Wax or Laser hair removal.


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