David A. Dreyer at Valley House Gallery, Through April 27

The Wheel, Swept by Night, Blue Heart Sings

Looking for date night inspiration this week? Skip the boring movie night and take your significant other to see beautiful works of art at Valley House Gallery!

This is the last week to see David A. Dreyer’s exhibit of “Days Between” at Valley House Gallery, as it will close Saturday at 5 p.m. This collection of paintings depicts Dreyer’s observations of many vast landscapes and skies in Texas and New Mexico, which he transforms into works of art by layering color and line to create one-of-a-kind images and sculptures.

“Days Between” was inspired by a poem written by a Cold Mountain Chinese poet Han-Shan and translated by Gary Snyder:

“Spring – water in the green creek is clear,

Moonlight on Cold Mountain is white,

Silent knowledge – the spirit is enlightened of itself,

Contemplate the void: this world exceeds stillness.”

According to a press release, “This early Chinese poem echoes the way Dreyer finds inspiration in stillness – stillness in nature and in the isolation of his studio. Small graphite drawings are the impetus for Dreyer’s oil paintings, which develop through intuitive responses to the work as it progresses. Phrases written on the edge of the canvas at critical stages of the paintings’ development become titles in poetic verse that reveal transitions in Dreyer’s path within the abstract.”

Some of the art you will see at this show include “Night Falls Like Summer Rain” featuring a beautiful mix of oil, charcoal, graphite and chalk on canvas; and “Divining Intelligence, Slingshot from Mars” a sculpture made out of polished iron.

Dallas-based Dreyer has a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. from Southern Methodist University. This is his seventh exhibition at Valley House Gallery. See his exhibit this week from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Supporting local artists, enjoying original art and spend time with a loved one by seeing “Days Between” this week. Who knows – you might just find the perfect piece to take home with you!

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