Where to Be Active in the Corridor

There’s a reason the number of gym memberships rise in January and fall in February: working out can be boring. If you go to the same place every day to walk on a treadmill or lift weights, you will quickly become burned out, discouraged and possibly even give up. But there’s good news – staying active is easy in the Corridor! With several unique places to break a sweat, bond with others and get a great workout, you can meet your New Year’s goals in no time! Below are a few of our favorite places to get moving.

OrangeTheory Fitness

You’ll never have to worry if you are working hard enough during a workout at OrangeTheory Fitness, as their classes are created to maximize your calories burnt. During the 60-minute class, your heart rate is measured to make sure you are staying in the “Orange Zone,” which is when your heart rate stays between 84 to 91 percent of your unique heart rate maximum for at least 12 minutes in order to jumpstart your metabolism and continue burning calories afterward (like during your post-workout snack!). As a bonus, each class utilizes different cardio and strength-training techniques, so no two workouts look quite the same.

TELOS Fitness Center

Like other gyms, TELOS Fitness Center offers state-of-the-art exercise machines and group fitness classes. Unlike other gyms, TELOS uses precision diagnostic tools to understand each client’s strengths, weakness and limitations, so the expert trainers can create a fitness training regime to help you achieve your goals efficiently. In addition to personal training, members can also join several different group classes including yoga, H.I.I.T., cardio, core training, step aerobics, spin classes and more. After your workout, refuel with a healthy snack at the IRON Grill or unwind with a massage or dip in a private jacuzzi tub.

Addison Athletic Club

Only open to Town of Addison residents, the Addison Athletic Club offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa, sauna and steam rooms, two racquetball courts, a gymnasium, fitness equipment and more. Working out here is easy when you sign up for one of the unique group classes! Some of the classes this winter include Box & Burn, with basic boxing drills and core exercises; Extra, Extra, which is full of muscle toning moves and heart-racing interval training; Water Trim, which includes aerobic exercises done in the swimming pool and Spin, which is a low-impact, high intensity cycling class. There are also special classes designed for senior adults ages 50 and up. Just choose your favorite class, or switch it up each week, and start getting fit!

Jam Box Fitness Lounge

Burn calories without realizing it at Jam Box Fitness Lounge, where you can dance your way to a healthier lifestyle. Choose from Zumba, Hip-Hop Step, Cardio Core, Booty Barre, FIT JAM Dance Fitness and more, all designed to make you sweat while having fun at the same time.


Pure Barre

No, you don’t have to be a professional ballerina to take classes at Pure Barre. Designed for people of all fitness levels, Pure Barre takes basic ballet techniques and creates an innovative workout that targets strength, cardio and flexibility. You will use a traditional ballet barre and other equipment to focus on small movements in different areas of the body. Choose from Pure Barre, a full-body workout with high-intensity movements; Pure Empower, a fusion of barre and interval training; Pure Reform, a total body workout to target major muscle groups through resistance-based training; and Pure Foundations, a beginner-level class to learn the basic movements. You’ll leave feeling more confident, with sore muscles and a stronger appreciation for dancers.


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