Brookhaven College’s DART Student GoPass Helps Students Get to Class

blankCollege students have plenty to worry about without the added stress of figuring out transportation to get to and from their classes. That’s why Corridor-based Brookhaven College has partnered with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system to offer students the opportunity to use the DART Student GoPass to ride the DART for free!

According to a recent interview published in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, president of Brookhaven College Dr. Thom D. Chesney said, “Brookhaven College already benefits from over 200 DART bus departures and arrivals daily. Through the DART Student GoPass program, more students can get to campus with reliable, safe transportation, and with no additional expenses.”

The DART Student GoPass program was launched in 2017 as a way to eliminate the cost of transportation for eligible students. Through DART, students in this program have access to Brookhaven College and other campuses in the Dallas County Community College District, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, performing arts events and more.

According to Brookhaven College’s website, to participate in the GoPass program, you must be a credit student enrolled in six or more credit hours for the fall or spring semesters and three or more credit hours for the summer semester, or a continuing education student enrolled in 96 or more contact hours for the fall or spring semesters and 48 or more contact hours for the summer semester.

If a student meets these requirements, then they just have to make sure they have paid their tuition, had their photo taken at their school, fill out the GoPass request form available online, download the GoPass mobile app and register with their phone number.

“The transportation savings we pass on to students can reallocate for additional classes and educational resources and reduced time to degree,” added Chesney in the Diverse article. “We hope to provide not only greater mobility but upward mobility for life.”

We are proud of the way these organizations in the Corridor are coming together to help students succeed in their education—which will set them up for a more successful life. Keep up the good work!

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