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When your skin starts to match the pale, grey winter skies, it’s time for a change! Cold air plus a lack of vitamin D can wreak havoc on our normally glowing complexions. You can try to cover up the problem with foundation, but sometimes facial treatments are needed for truly brighter skin. Luane McWhorter, owner of Grand Spa at Village on the Parkway, gave us a few tips for healthier skin this season.

“The winter weather and the fact that we have the heat on in homes and offices tends to dry our skin,” she explained. “Also, most people do not exfoliate their skin nearly enough on a regular basis. This dead skin build-up from lack of exfoliation makes our skin look dull, older and sometimes even develop a gray tone. Luckily, there are many wonderful remedies!”

McWhorter recommends getting a facial once a month and using a retinal product. There are many facials to choose from at Grand Spa, like the Oxygen Facial for $200, which gives your skin intense hydration. The Skin Exfoliation Gel Peel for $145 is another great option, as it uses a hydroxy acid treatment to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin, clear acne and fade hyperpigmentation, as well as a vitamin C masque to brighten your skin. Also, the Signature Grand Spa Facial for $185 will leave your skin glowing, as it renews your complexion with deep cleansing, exfoliation and layered treatment masques, as well as gives you a relaxing deep-tissue facial massage and massage for your feet, hands, neck, shoulders and scalp.

“Most people are not sunning or getting a tan this time of year, so the winter months are the best times to be more aggressive in your skin treatments and regimens,” said McWhorter. “BBL and laser treatments such as Halo are also great options for getting rid of unwanted pigmentation and taking years off of your appearance.”

Halo BBL is a non-surgical, non-invasive Hybrid Fractional Laser treatment designed to help treat a variety of pigmentation and texture issues. It uses non-ablative and ablative wavelengths targeted to a specific area to treat things like acne scars, enlarged pores, fine lines, signs of aging, sun damage, uneven skin texture, wrinkles and more.

“Grand Spa offers a variety of treatments and products to brighten and lighten your skin tone giving you the best skin health possible,” said McWhorter.

Just because the sky is gloomy, doesn’t mean your face has to be! Learn more about which treatment will work best for you by contacting Grand Spa today.

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