Birmingham Still Burning at Addison Theatre Centre

Coming up at the Addison Theatre Centre, the Blacken Blues Theater of African-American Life will present “Birmingham Still Burning.” The play was written by award-winning playwright and social activist Willie Holmes and it tells the story a black business owner, Jake Cambridge, who supports a polemical political position. According to the Blacken Blues website, “He betrays a generation of African-American youths to maintain his wealth and social status. The play weaves in and out of social consciousness while being chased by the daunting question, “does money really set you free?”

The cast for “Birmingham Still Burning” features Selmore Haines, III as Jake Cambridge, Latricia Lindsey as Camille Cambridge, Brittainee’ Francois’-Hearne as Chyna Cambridge, Deonte’ Thomas as Janae Cambridge, and Nicholas Williams Bantu Tasami.

The Blacken Blues Theater of African-American Life is a nonprofit community theater that was formed with the vision to raise the social consciousness of society by sharing the African-American experience. According to their website, their goal is to “provide a forum for upcoming playwrights and emerging artists regardless of race or ethnicity. We hope to motivate a new generation of social activists through theater, dance, film, music or any other art form. Our mission is to reconnect America to the human spirit by using creative expression as a social movement.”

“Birmingham Still Burning” performance dates are Feb. 14, 2018, through Feb. 24 with shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Show times are Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m.; Sunday 3 p.m. Ticket prices are $15 and $20 and can be purchased on their special event website. For more information on the Blacken Blues Theater of African-American Life, you can visit their website or email them at You can also follow them on Facebook for all their latest news and information on their upcoming plays and productions.

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