Art Sculptures Around Addison

“Light and Energy” -Photo Credit Addison Arbor Foundation 

With the development of new luxury apartments and as more people move to Addison, outdoor areas have become more and more popular. As residents go out for morning jogs, afternoon walks or just to hang out in one of the many parks and beautiful outdoor areas around, this is a perfect opportunity to highlight some of the amazing sculptures and art around town.

One of the newest art sculptures pieces in the Town of Addison is the Pascale Pryor sculpture in Bosque Park, ‘Aigue-marine.’ Commissioned by the Addison Arbor Foundation, the sculpture stands at over 7 feet tall and is made with different pieces of blue and green slab glass. Bosque Park is a one-acre park between Airport Parkway and Addison Circle Drive. There’s a lighted walking path, fountain, patio tables, and park benches as well.


On the corner of Marsh and Beltway standing 24 feet tall are the ‘Light and Energy’ sculptures. They were restored and installed at this location back in 2013 after having been in storage for a number of years. They had been originally installed in an office complex in Addison and then decommissioned. These massive sculptures are the work of artist Chris Byars and mark the entrance to the Les Lacs neighborhood.


‘Cut One, Plant One’ is the work of local artist Nic Noblique. This piece was purchased and installed in 2013 and represents the Town of Addison and the Addison Arbor Foundation’s commitment to sustainability. Find this beautiful piece on Proton Drive at the Easement Trail.


One of our favorite parks is Les Lacs Park on Beltway Drive across from the Addison Athletic Club. We love taking our boys to spend the afternoon playing on the playground and running around the park. The installation of the ‘Jacks of All Trades’ sculptures in the park in 2014 added a sort of fairy tale book feeling to the park. The sculptures are a recognition of the original Addison jackrabbits that lived in this part of town.


The ‘Aerial Ballet-Monarch’ sculptures at Spring Valley Road and Vitruvian Way are giant monarch butterflies which have been designed to move with the wind. There is also a butterfly garden located right beneath the sculptures. The butterfly garden was designed and installed in order to attract monarchs as they migrate through North Texas.


Perhaps one of the most recognized pieces of art in Addison are ‘The Blueprints’ at Addison Circle. The sculpture is the first piece of public art in Addison and is located at the traffic circle at the entrance of Addison Circle. The designers for this massive sculpture are landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh and artist Mel Chin. The sculpture was dedicated on April 13, 2000.


There are more sculptures and beautiful pieces of art throughout Addison. For a complete guide visit the Town of Addison’s ‘Art in Addison’ website as well as The Addison Arbor Foundation website.


As the weather warms up, grab your camera, pack a picnic basket and head out to see all of the amazing art around our town.

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