Healthy Eating Resolution 2019

So, how’s your new year’s resolution diet going? How many times have you been asked that already? It’s a question that haunts everyone who every Dec. 31 makes a new year’s resolution to eat healthier. But by the end of January, we are all failing at it constantly. Whether it’s because we’re in a rush at lunch or we don’t plan out our meals ahead, by the end of the month we’re all doomed.

One of the things that worked for me last year to take the time to read the whole menu at fast food places. I found that even if we are not able to meal plan and cook for the days ahead we can still meal plan by knowing which places will serve something healthy that we can have.

Chipotle has been a great choice for us when we’re on the run. The Burrito Bowl is a great option as you eliminate the carbs that come from the tortilla (for those of us doing a low carb diet.) Since you can customize it however you like, get a smaller portion of rice or choose brown rice instead of white. Skip the chips and guac and grab a bottle of water instead of a fountain drink, and you got yourself a great filling meal that won’t leave you feeling guilty. You can also order online and pick up as well for faster service.

Portion control is key, make sure to ask your server if they have a ‘light menu’ option. More often than not our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and we order way more than we can actually eat and we end up throwing it away or taking it home to reheat later. Choosing from the ‘light menu’ is great because it’s a smaller portion of the dishes you love. You can still have a great meal without feeling bloated.

Chili’s has is a great option for lighter meals. Check out their “Guiltless Grill” menu featuring lighter choices with 630 calories or less. At Chuy’s, their Grilled Chicken Salad is a great choice for something flavorful but not overfilling. They also have a ‘Lite Combos’ menu featuring Chuy’s Lite Plate and their Chicken Combo both under 625 calories.

If you just have to have a burger, try In-N-Out’s protein style burgers, a bunless burger wrapped in lettuce. A great choice for when you just have to have a burger.

Lastly, while ordering from the lighter menu is a great start, make sure you don’t wash down your meal with soda or sugar filled drinks. Try drinking water instead, and if you have to have something sweet, order just a half cup of soda so you can get the taste without doing all the refills.

Let’s follow through with our resolution of eating healthier this year!

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