Warm Up With Soups and More This Winter In The Corridor

As long as I can remember, I’ve had a battle with my mom. No soups during the summer months! There may not be anything more frustrating than coming home after playing outside as a kid finding out that your mom made a hot soup for dinner. I’ve had a saying, “Soups and stews are for the winter.” The last thing I want to dive into when it’s 107 outside is a hot soup. But when the winter temperatures hit, bring it on!

So let’s talk about some of the delicious dishes we can look forward to this winter. What is going to make us feel all warm and fuzzy through the harsh and crazy winter we experience every year.

One of the staples in our family from late November to early March is Chili. It’s an easy dish to make and you can customize it so many ways, your family will never get tired of it. Use chicken, ground beef, all veggies or all of the above! We use this recipe as the base for the one we make at home and then add some kick to it. Add some cornbread to it and you got a meal that is sure to warm you up.

If you are going out to dinner, Thai Spice Dallas makes the most delicious Tom Kha soup. Coconut milk mixed with a spicy and tangy broth, mushrooms, lemongrass, tomato, cilantro, green onions, basil, and Thai spices make up this homemade dish. Get it with chicken or shrimp and enjoy. They have a great selection of other soups here as well, so you can try different ones every time.

If you want to try something completely new, head to El Portal on Trinity Mills and Marsh lane for their Sancocho. A Colombian dish with yucca, potatoes, prime rib, corn on the cob and cilantro. This is the soup my mom would make in the summer that I could not eat. But in December? Yes mom, make it every day!

We can’t talk about warming up without talking coffee. Try Pete’s Café on Belt Line and Marsh for coffee, breakfast, and a great “home feel.” I’ve spent countless hours here drinking coffee and enjoying great conversations with friends.

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