Name Announced For New Addison Art Sculpture at Bosque Park

Name Announced For New Addison Art Sculpture at Bosque Park
Pascale Pryor sculpture in Bosque Park: Aigue-marine (pronounced eg-marine)

On a sunny day, light will shine through Addison’s newest art sculpture in a beautiful burst of color! On ordinary days, the swirls of blue and green painted glass in the sculpture are still a magnificent sight to see. Check it out for yourself by going to Bosque Park, located at the southwest corner of Quorum Drive and Morris Avenue.

As an update to the previously published article, the Addison Arbor Foundation is pleased to announce the name of the Pascale Pryor sculpture in Bosque Park: Aigue-marine (pronounced eg-marine). Aigue-marine is French for Aquamarine, a beautiful gemstone of the beryl family.  The name acknowledges Pascale’s French heritage as well as the exquisite blue and green hues of the art work. In mythology, aquamarines were associated with Neptune, god of the sea, and believed to be the treasure of mermaids and a lucky talisman for sailors to calm the seas.

Pascale said, “Aquamarines are my favorite gemstones, even more so than diamonds. Bosque Park is a treasure all by itself and I love the idea of bringing peace and clarity to the visitors of this special place.” With the lighting installed by the Addison Parks Department recently, Aigue-marine looks spectacular at night.  Come by to see this special treasure day or night. 

This mixed media sculpture was sponsored by the Addison Arbor Foundation (AAF). The organization commissioned emerging artist Pascale Pryor to create the sculpture for the park. Pryor is a Dallas-based artist who creates sculptures in steel as well as art that combines steel and glass, like this one. Her piece for Bosque Park stands approximately 7.5-feet tall and uses various hues of blue and green slab glass, arranged into an intricate pattern, and set inside a rim of corten steel. The steel structure almost looks like a tear drop that is standing on a circular base in the grass.

Pryor became a full-time artist in 2007 after leaving a sales job that she hated. According to her website, she is attracted to “ageless organic shapes and natural rhythm.” In addition to this new piece, Pryor has also created “Sunny Side Up” for the City of Dallas Public Art, “Butterfly on the Grass” for the Highland Springs retirement home in Dallas and “Swallowtail Butterfly” for the Texas Discovery Gardens among other projects.

The sculpture makes the fourteenth public art installation that the AAF has sponsored for the Town of Addison. Other projects include restored works such as “Light and Energy,” “Loop the Loop” and “Folded Square Alphabet Letter D,” as well as commissioned works from artists such as Nic Noblique, Jim Eppler, Eliseo, David B. Hickman and Eric McGhearty.

AAF is a nonprofit organization with a mission “to promote and enhance landscaping, public art, public parks and parks and recreation programs of the Town of Addison.” The impact of this all-volunteer organization can be seen in the trees, landscape and public art installed throughout the Town.

Next time you are strolling through Bosque Park, make sure to stop and appreciate this stunning piece of art. Thanks to AAF and Pryor for this wonderful gift to the community!

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  1. The new sculpture is wonderful. Love the stained glass.

    I still enjoy the dove birds everyday. Thank you for all the wonderful art work you do in Addison.



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Name Announced For New Addison Art Sculpture at Bosque Park

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