New Twist on Thanksgiving Dishes

One of my favorite holidays of the year is almost here and I am pumped! One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving is because I get to sit around the table with the people I love and get to share lots of delicious food. While we all enjoy the traditional turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls and the rest of the traditional side dishes; it’s always nice when someone brings something new to dinner. We’ve scoured the internet for some delicious new takes on traditional side dishes for you to try. Impress your friends and family at the dinner table with these delicious dishes.


Fried Mash Potato Balls

When everyone is divvying up the menu for Thanksgiving dinner, the mashed potatoes are normally one of the easiest things to make. Usually, there’s so much left over that it ends up going bad or just getting thrown in the trash. But when you show up with these fried mash potato balls, you can bet there won’t be any leftovers. Crispy on the outside and filled with cheese and bacon on the inside, these will be the first to disappear. Find the recipe here.


Friendsgiving Nachos

One of our favorite holiday parties to attend are the annual Friendsgiving dinners our friends’ hosts. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as an opportunity to meet other people and share a meal together. The cool thing about Friendsgiving dinners is that everyone brings something to share. While most will play it safe and bring the normal side dishes, play it a little bit different this year with Friendsgiving Nachos. They are very easy to make.

You will need 1 bag Ruffles potato chips, 1 C. Gouda, 1 C. cooked, shredded turkey, 1 1/2 C. leftover stuffing, 1 can cranberry sauce and 1/2 C. turkey gravy. Preheat your oven to 375, spread the potato chips on a parchment-lined baking sheet then top it off with half of the cheese, turkey, and stuffing. Spread some more chips on top as well any cheese, turkey or stuffing that you may have left. Bake until the cheese melts and add some cranberry sauce and turkey gravy. Top with more chips and remaining cheese, turkey, and stuffing.


Green Bean Casserole with Onion Rings

Growing up I couldn’t stand green beans, that’s probably typical of most kids. But as an adult, for some unknown reason, I love green beans. If you are looking for a way to introduce more green beans to your kids, this is a great way to do it. Get the recipe here.


Nate’s Seafood & Steakhouse

Of course, if you prefer to buy something instead of making it, make sure to check out Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse fried turkeys and side dishes! I love the dirty rice at Nate’s and when you combine it with the deep-fried turkey…it’s just so good!


Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you will try out some of these dishes and share them with your friends and family.

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