Men’s Accessories In The Corridor

For the sharply dressed Corridor man, pairing accessories with your clothes should be as normal as brushing your teeth in the morning. However, many men are lost when it comes to accessories. Even though the word “accessory” is often associated with women’s handbags, jewelry and hair adornments, men’s accessories are equally important. We talked to Tim Leamy, owner of Sebastian’s Closet inside Village on the Parkway, for his recommendations on the accessories men should be wearing this season.

“Details matter; they are part of the puzzle that communicates something about who you are,” said Leamy. “From the obvious to the seemingly insignificant, effort should be made in selections and application of accessories.”

For starters: neckwear. Leamy explained that men haven’t cared about neckwear as much lately; yet, “in a serious business environment or social setting, a tie can be a requirement,” said Leamy. He explained that in a business scenario, your tie should be serious and elegant. For a social situation, an interesting tie with texture, such as wool, would look perfect with a sport coat or a vest. For another “subtle and classy touch,” wear a tie bar as well.

Even more important than ties? Pocket squares! Leamy explained that the pocket square has become “an essential part of a sharp, complete look.” Choose a textured, colorful pocket square that accents the outfit – but never matches the tie.

A few other pieces to keep in mind this season include wallets, belts, watches, socks, jewelry and bags. Leamy mentioned that a worn, overstuffed wallet ruins your put-together look, and it’s important to have a nice belt in the same color family as your shoes or an accent color. Although you may not need a watch to tell the time anymore when you have a cell phone, Leamy explained that a wonderful watch “always looks sharp and efficient.” In addition, socks should be interesting and add some color to your ensemble, bracelets are big right now, cuff links look great in a formal setting and bags are functional and stylish, especially if they feature textured, rugged or technical elements.

With winter quickly approaching, men can also add knit beanies and scarfs to their outfits. Scarves should be an accent color to your clothes, whether they are lush and soft to keep you warm or lightweight and silky to make a fashion statement.

Finally, the most important fashion accessories are your shoes. “Fall brings some fresh options for shoes,” said Leamy. “Sneakers are essential – from must-have-white to fall coloration and texture. Another focus for fall is adding in a boot. The Chelsea boot is popular, followed by the Chukka/desert boot and a dressy leather lace Brogue boot.” 

Adding just a few of these pieces to your regular look is sure to help you stand out, making you look like the well-dressed, professional man that you want to be. And if you still need help, you can always stop by Sebastian’s Closet for some personal recommendations on what type of accessories will look best on you!

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