When You Think Washington, Think Walla Walla

When You Think Washington, Think Walla Walla

When you think of the state of Washington, you think of the words, north, and snow and the border of Canada. You might picture trees,  forests and all things north of Addison. But when you hear the name Washington, does the city of Walla Walla come to mind?

What to do

In Walla Walla, there is endless amounts of activities for you to try. If you’re more into finding yourself in nature, there are plenty of trails and river rafting. If you want to be more where the people are, Walla Walla offers countless boutiques, museums and cultural activities year round. You must  go on a wine tour through the many wineries Walla Walla holds dear! And if you want to bring your furry friend along, there’s plenty of dog-friendly, hotels, parks, shops and even wineries!

What to eat

Walla Walla does not lack in its restaurant department. The city has a variety of food to choose from for the whole family! You can dine at Walla Walla exclusive restaurants, or stay safe with chain restaurants. Whatever your fancy, Walla Walla will have something for you!

Where to stay

You’re going to find plenty of hotels and motels in and around the city area, but if you want to try something more local, try staying in a guest historical house! There are also bed and breakfasts in the city and out in nature. You can even choose to stay in a mansion! If you are traveling cross county, the city has designated RV parking for your accommodation. Whatever floats your boat, Walla Walla has!

We hope that the next time you think of Washington, you think of Walla Walla! To find out more about this beautiful city, head to their website today. Happy Travels!

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When You Think Washington, Think Walla Walla

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