Hair Accessories for Fall

Loose waves and natural hairstyles are beautiful in the summer, but a slightly more done-up look is more popular in the fall. The easiest way to achieve this is through a few perfectly placed hair accessories! Below you’ll find some of our favorites available in the Corridor!

6-Pack Bobby Pins, Nordstrom – $24

These gorgeous bobby pins are a huge upgrade from the plain brown ones that are just used to pull hair back. They are silver, each with a unique design include a star, crystal, a moon and more. Pull one side of your hair back, and secure with three or four bobby pins side by side for a look that is simple and elegant at the same time.

Erickson Silk-Wrapped Hanger Jaw Clip, Neiman Marcus – $48

A navy blue silk charmeuse fabric makes this jaw clip a unique hair accessory this season! It’s also very easy to use—just gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist up, and secure with the clip. Now you can be ready for work in a matter of minutes!

Victoria’s European Double Strand Iridescent Headwrap, Beauty Brands – $11.99

Headbands are back in a big way this season. Save the plastic, floral or huge headbands for the little girls, as adult women are going for something subtler, like this double strand headwrap. It features two iridescent bands, made with navy blue and silver beads that wrap around the top of head or forehead. It’ll add a little shine to your regular hairstyle, while giving off a romantic vibe at the same time.

Avery Velvet Scrunchie Set, Francesca’s – $14

 In a welcome throwback to the ‘90s, scrunchies have returned! The bold fall colors of maroon, orange, gold and navy blue will make these velvet scrunchies your go-to item this fall. Pull your hair all the way back in a ponytail to run errands, or go for a flirty half-up look when meeting your girlfriends for brunch or a lunch date. Either way, you’ll want one of these on your wrist or in your hair all season long.


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