Canary By Gorji New Updated Look

Canary By Gorji New Updated LookOver the years, Canary By Gorji has been one of the area’s best fine dining restaurants. They have made their mark not just by serving amazing dishes but by also creating a dining experience that guests will remember. From its start in 2003, the restaurant has been committed to serving its guests flavorful and fascinating food. Chef Gorji’s believes in making sure his guests enjoy their time at the restaurant and throughout the years he has accomplished that goal. The restaurant was even named as one of the top three restaurants in the city by Renzell.

A couple of years ago, Canary By Gorji became the first and only no-tipping fine restaurant in Texas. The move helped servers focus more on their guests than worrying about upselling or any number of other distractions. They have also received a scored of 100 on health inspections two years in a row. Clearly, when guests visit the restaurant, they are being treated to an amazing experience.

Chef Gorji has also written a cookbook, Zing!, and in 2006 Gorji Gourmet Sauces started to be bottled in-house as a response to the demand from their guests.

Over this summer, Canary By Gorji underwent renovations to the exterior and interior of the restaurant. They reduced the number of tables in order to make the space more intimate and after a few weeks reopened with its new look and an updated menu.

With its new look, the name of the restaurant was shortened to “Gorji.” The name change brings together all Gorji’s brands; the restaurant, the cookbook, and the sauces. It goes without saying that Chef Gorji’s is committed to ensuring his guests have a great time as well as providing dishes that are unique and flavorful. As their press release said, “Chef Gorji continues to meld his favorite flavors of spices, techniques, and ingredients from all the countries around the Mediterranean Basin. Bringing these elements together with what is available in the markets here and adding his interpretations he has created his New Mediterranean Cuisine.”

Gorji’s gourmet sauces and the cookbook are available online as well as in grocery stores, and of course at the restaurant. For reservations as well as to check out the updated menu and learn more about Chef Gorji visit their website.

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