Importance of Sunless Tanners

blankWith the sun shining and the Texas heat rising, it’s easy to plan for a seaside vacation. It’s a break from the chaos of work and everyday routines, where you can order up cocktails and a little tan. Typically, we don’t want to achieve that bronzed color day one on the beach, we aim to look perfectly sun kissed out of the gate; luckily, this can be attained through safe, sunless tanners.

Above all else, sunless tanners keep us healthy, hydrated and still glowing like a god or goddess. Utilizing this type of product allows you to avoid the toxicity of UV-rays, which in turn, slows the aging of otherwise burned skin. Most self-tanners actually provide your dermis with a variety of anti-oxidants and vitamins, improving its texture and overall appearance.

Even more enticing about sunless tanners? Patience isn’t a factor – you’re typically flaunting a natural beach-babe shade within an hour’s time. So, whether the three digit thermometer reading forces you out the door and onto the next plane to paradise, you’ll be set without a moment’s notice.

With each additional day beneath the palm trees you can, likewise, be sure your tan won’t fade. Why? Because it’s easy to keep up when it comes from a bottle. Simply exfoliate, moisturize your skin and reapply, then dab any joint areas – you can even apply additional amounts or select a different shade to look like you’ve been soaking up the sun for weeks…healthily!

But how exactly does the magic of sunless tanning work? According to the Mayo Clinic, most self-tanners or sunbathing alternatives contain DHA, or dihydroxyacetone which reacts with dead skin cells to temporarily darken the skin color and simulate the perfect tan! It’s really that simple.

Now that you’re on board, you’re probably itching to know where you can purchase your product. Ulta, located along Belt Line Road, offers Fake Bake’s Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid as well as Tan Towels, while your nearby Walgreens or Bed Bath and Beyond offer L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze. Additionally, Sephora at either Willow Bend Mall or Galleria Dallas, keeps their shelves stocked with St. Tropez Tan and Target has you covered for Jergens Natural Glow Daily Facial Moisturizer.

It’s time to beach bum the safe, right way!


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