New Tenants at The Village on the Parkway

blankTexas is revered for its southern hospitality and generous nature; we’re proud to say that North Dallas is no different, and we welcome newcomers with Texas sized open arms. Speaking of, it’s been a pleasure having a few new faces in The Village on the Parkway.


The name may be deceiving, but we assure you this A.M. Eatery will treat you to a fine, eye-opening breakfast. The company, founded by brothers John and Adam Schlegel, originated in April of 2006 in Denver, Colorado. According to its website, Snooze seeks to “evolve the A.M. dining experience through culinary innovation, an eclectic and energetic atmosphere and comfortable and friendly service.” The take away? When this hot spot opens in June, you won’t be hitting the snooze button.


We know what summer heat feels like, and the only true way cool down is with a heavy dose of ice cream. With Creamistry, they’re promising a refreshing experience through a combination of passion, innovation, and a commitment to quality. Best part yet? Just when you think this is your ordinary, run of the mill ice cream shop, they entice you with a liquid nitrogen smoke show! You heard correctly, this is one of the fastest liquid nitrogen ice cream franchises and you’ll know why with your very first bite!

The Low-key Poke Joint

This joint is anything but casual when it comes to their healthy and delicious Japanese – Hawaiian cuisine. “To appease every customer’s palate, we emphasize customizability and allow our customers to create their own meal by choosing from a variety of high quality proteins, sides, and toppings.” What are you waiting for? Head over before crowds go from low-key to out of control!

Lux Tanning

It’s that time of year again – we’re all striving to achieve the perfect bronzed color, and at Lux tanning salon it’s an easy goal to attain. Plus, it’s downright fun and fancy. From the moment you step foot into this high-end sunless experience, you’re welcomed with a glass of champagne or bottle water, escorted to one of the many leading-edge sunbeds or spray tanning systems, entertained by your own playlists, refreshed by a chilled eucalyptus towel, then released back into the wild with an impeccable glow. Does it really get any better than that?

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