The Importance of Removing Makeup Before Bed

Your skin will thank you.

After a long, exhausting day, your pillow beckons. Visions of REM cycles and uninterrupted dreaming seduce you, and you’re tired enough to succumb. But you have a responsibility to your soft, supple skin. You owe it to yourself to remove your makeup and get the real beauty sleep you deserve.

Why? We’re providing the nitty gritty details below!

Just as we recharge during a good night’s sleep, so does our skin. It too breathes slowly, renewing itself; but it can’t do so with a layer of makeup blocking its efforts. When this is the case, it actually causes extensive damage and, suddenly, your skin not only feels fatigued, it looks fatigued.

Beneath the surface, a mixture of the oily components in your makeup and an accumulation of dirt throughout the day, clogs your pores and eventually contributes to blackheads and future blemishes. And if you think you’re excused because your skin tends to lean toward the dry side, think again.

Sleeping in your day’s foundation, powder, or eye makeup means it settles into your creases and fine lines, which can make your skin look positively dull. That isn’t a petty slight, it’s fact, and it leads to an aged appearance, which we’re guessing is something you’re trying to avoid when you apply makeup.

Our advice? Don’t sell yourself short. On evenings where exerting extra energy seems impossible, offer yourself an alternative to the traditional face wash. Stop by Whole Foods or Beauty Brands in Addison to pick up Micellar Water or Makeup Removing Towelettes. Utilizing these options still gives your skin the cleansing ritual it deserves while allowing you to go about your usual nighttime routine. We promise you’ll be so glad you did.

Our hardest days deserve a healthy reward and allowing your skin to refuel is mother nature’s way of giving back.

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