Hydrotech of Texas Helps You See and Save Green!

Create a lush lawn with Hydrotech.

At Hydrotech of Texas, they believe “a luscious, thick lawn is the hallmark of a beautiful property,” but they also recognize not everyone’s schedule allows for that type of time commitment. That’s why they’re here to help, and they’re offering a few special summer deals to get you started. After all, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing deep shades of green throughout The Corridor, especially after an extensive winter.

It’s common knowledge that irrigation plays an integral role in landscape maintenance, which leads us to the company’s main offer this season – $100 dollars off a brand-new sprinkler system. With a team of dedicated and seasoned property professionals, they’ve mastered the science behind how best to coordinate irrigation. “By factoring in temperature and rainfall, a Hydrotech of Texas-installed and maintained system will save you water while still keeping your lawn green,” reads the company website. To find which system is best for you, reach out to Hydrotech’s Addison location along Dallas Parkway.

In addition to saving on a brand-new sprinkler system, Hydrotech wants you to get the most out of your yard, and they’re eager and willing to ensure it’s a sanctuary for you and yours, as well as the envy of your neighbors (residential or business). Be it general maintenance or full on design services, they are equipped to handle the most difficult of projects, and during the summer they’ll take $100 off any landscaping work worth $1500 or more.

Designing, hardscaping, landscaping, and lawn care are just a jumping off point for these professionals; they want to help you see green and save green this summer. As they say at Hydrotech, “Landscaping is about more than just cutting grass or planting a new garden, it involves all of the natural elements of your outdoor area. Think of it as a blank canvas, just waiting for you to create something beautiful on it!”

For more information, or to inquire about a project or deal, you can visit the company’s website at www.hydrotechoftexas.net or via telephone at 972.248.7337.

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