Reach Your New Year’s Goals with Elevate Fitness Now

Reach Your New Year’s Goals with Elevate Fitness Now
Reach your goals with the help from a personal trainer.

For some reason, the start of a new year always makes us think about improving our lives (and bodies). Eating better, working out more, losing weight and toning muscle can all be accomplished with the right tools – and the right gym. Corridor-based Elevate Fitness Now can help you turn your New Year’s resolutions into achievable goals in 2018, making you look and feel better all year!

“At Elevate Fitness, we’re not just trainers, we’re life coaches,” stated their website. “We believe fitness is a lifestyle and we’ll show you how elevating your fitness ability improves every area of your life.”

If you’re looking for a magic pill for weight loss or a gym where you can sign up but stop showing up after January, Elevate Fitness is not for you. This gym offers trainers who are passionate about helping you make the changes you want – starting at any fitness level. You can sign up for personal training, where experts help you get in shape based on your goals, schedule and budget using science-proven methods to prevent plateau. To jump-start your fitness for the New Year, you can also join a boot camp, which combine cardio, calisthenics, weights and sports drills (and modifications for those who need it) to help you burn calories and have fun.

Small business owners can help their employees achieve healthier lives as well. They can set up corporate fitness training programs, which can help their employees get healthier and increase their productivity. In addition, Elevate Fitness can also set up health fairs to offer health assessments such as body fat testing, blood pressure screening and more.

Elevate Fitness was founded by Stephany Acosta, who has more than 15 years experience. She has certifications in personal training, biomechanics, dietary guidance and more, and she has worked with people from all fitness levels. “Personal training is not just about conquering physical lifestyles, but also about digging deep for the inner greatness that we all have,” stated Acosta in a post on her website. “This is why I just don’t believe in transforming bodies, but transforming lives.”

Not sure if Elevate Fitness Now is for you? Sign up for a free one-hour consultation and a complimentary boot camp. If you love the training, then you can become a member and take the first step to becoming the healthiest you’ve ever been.

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