DMC Will Offer Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic

Injuries happen and Dallas Medical Center is here to help

It’s fall in Texas, which means its football season! If you’ve ever been inspired to throw a pigskin yourself after watching your favorite team win, then you know the game can be fun and competitive, with a huge potential for injury. If you get hurt during a little Thanksgiving ball game, Dallas Medical Center (DMC) can help! According to their website, before the end of football season, DMC will offer an orthopedic urgent care clinic at the DMC campus on 7 Medical Parkway in Dallas.

“When people get hurt, they want to be seen quickly,” stated JT Barnhart, CEO of DMC in a recent press release. “With this new program, if you have an orthopedic injury today and we’re open, you’ll be seen today. Plus, the initial consultation is free. You can’t beat that.”

DMC is partnering with Sports Physicians Orthopedics and Rehabilitation of Texas (SPORT) to provide these orthopedic services. SPORT’s mission is to be the leading provider of orthopedic care delivered with compassion and value. It has an experienced sports medicine staff that delivers treatment with care, compassion and value to help get you back on your feet (and in the game) as fast as possible.

“Anyone with an orthopedic injury is welcome at the clinic,” stated DMC’s website. “Maybe you were out jogging and stepped in a pothole, or you were maxing out at the gym a little too much. Whether you play high school sports, recreation-league games, or are a weekend warrior, the clinic is there for you.”

If you have an injury or experience pain in your knee, shoulder, wrist, hand, foot, ankle or hip, you can visit the orthopedic urgent care clinic for help. And since sports injuries are more likely to occur on nights and weekends (when people are off work and having fun), the clinic will have extended hours to for your convenience.

The new facilities aren’t complete at the DMC campus yet, but patients can still get orthopedic urgent care they need by visiting one of SPORT’s other offices in the area.

When playing sports, working out, or enjoying any other physical activities, you shouldn’t have to worry about what will happen if you get injured. DMC’s new orthopedic clinic will be the safety net you need to follow your dreams!

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