The “Mom Jeans” Trend

Making a comeback

They are loose and boxy, yet a must have to stock in every closet.

Attention ladies, the mom jeans look has made a comeback!

This style may appear as a flash from the past. In the 80’s, you would see trendy women wearing jeans that were tapered and rolled at the leg, yet loose at the top. But instead of styling this popular denim attire with a padded-shoulder blouse, how would the modern woman style the mom jeans?

Ashley Lovell with Francesca’s boutique in Addison said her favorite way to wear mom jeans is with a simple crop top and booties. “It’s definitely a look you would see in college,” she explained.

Along with the crop top, this trend also looks fabulous with a tight shirt that is tied at the bottom. This fall, floral prints and graphic tees are taking over the stores – what better way to be a trendsetter than mixing a fall look with jeans that will be a hit year-round? When wearing these jeans, try to stay clear from baggy t-shirts that give you an unflattering shape; you don’t want to look like a walking grocery bag. As for the shoes: booties, patterned sneakers and d’orsay flats look darling with mom jeans, but try to avoid military-style boots that go higher than your ankles.

Other ways to style the popular trend?

Liz Dickey, the Altar’d State store manager at the Galleria, said mom jeans are comfortable and she loves the challenge of finding perfect tops and accessories to compliment the bottoms.

“I do a lot of stripped tops and floral kimonos,” Dickey said.

As for the crafters out there, Dickey hand-embroidered vibrant patterns on her mom jeans that stand out and coincide with the bohemian embroidered trend we have been seeing in boutiques all over Addison. This is definitely a way to add that special touch and stand out from the crowd. The 1980s called and they want their mom jeans back? The answer is NO! This trend is here to stay.

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