The Health Benefits of Coffee

Have another cup

It isn’t just the sweet aroma after a good night’s sleep or the way it keeps us energized during a long, exhausting morning. As it turns out, a good cup of coffee provides avid drinkers with so many more lasting benefits, namely, in the health department. Turns out our average cup of joe, isn’t so average after all.

Increased Energy & Intelligence

Let’s start off with the crowd pleaser: coffee gives us energy, and, if you didn’t know it already, makes us that much smarter! Obviously, coffee contains our favorite ingredient, caffeine, which blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter – Adenosine – causing an increase in norepinephrine and dopamine, which then leads to enhanced firing of neurons. So, not only are we invigorated, but our cognitive functions are as well. I’ll take another cup, please!

Lowered Risk of Heart Disease

According to a study at the Harvard School of Public Health, “drinking coffee in moderation protects against heart failure.” Let’s first define, “moderation.” For this particular study, its defined as “four European cups per day,” or two eight-ounce American servings; this resulted in a noted 11% lower risk of heart failure.

Lowered Risk of Type II Diabetes

If you’re consuming more than one cup of coffee a day, then give yourself a pat on the back, because a recent study conducted by Harvard’s Dr. Frank Hu uncovered that for each daily cup consumed, there was a 9% decrease in the risk for type II diabetes. And don’t worry, if you’re a fan of decaf, there was a 6% decrease in the risk for type II diabetes.

Pain Reduction

Many of us start off the morning with a solid workout. And while we often feel invigorated from a little exercise alone, we can sometimes experience post-workout aches and pains. This is where coffee saves the day, again; only two cups can help in reducing post workout pain by up to 48%!

I’ll take another cup, please!

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