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Addison Plaza

In partnership with the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Addison’s Economic Development and Tourism Department launched a new initiative called the “Addison Office Blitz.” The goal is to visit each and every office building in Addison to meet every tenant.

The “Addison Office Blitz” provides a comprehensive and proactive way to reach the majority of office tenants within the Town of Addison. Addison has over 100 commercial office buildings, totaling close to 11 million square feet of leasable space,” Economic Development Manager Drew Dietrich said. “As such, the office market represents a vital component to Addison’s success. This program allows the Town to reach out to all businesses that occupy our office buildings, and add a friendly, personalized touch to our interactions with these local businesses. This affords the Town an opportunity to make a personal, face-to-face connection with as many businesses as possible, on a consistent basis.”

Drew Dietrich and Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce President Erin Carney have since visited over 57 different companies to greet each tenant, hand out information and share how the Town and the Chamber can serve as resources to support each company in Addison.

“We will continue to do the program until we have visited every office building in the Town – all 100+,” Dietrich said. “We visit every tenant, in every building – from two employees in a 1,000 sq. ft. office, to two thousand employees in a 100,000 sq. ft. office.”

Because of the initiative, new companies and businesses are attributed with the “Addison Way” and community feel.

Addison Tower

“The Addison Office Blitz adds yet another component to the Town’s Business Retention and Expansion program,” Dietrich said. “In keeping with the ‘Addison Way’ this program provides positive outreach for the Town in which we seek out and say hello to all the office tenants in Addison – going above and beyond to show our support for local business.”

Addison has become a hub for business no matter their size. And the Economic Development and Tourism Department partnered with the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce are continuing to set an example of progress and appreciation for making Addison their home.

“We cannot emphasize enough the importance of local business and our office buildings to the Town, the desire of the Town to reach out and tell the local businesses “thank you,” that the Town is a resource, and committed to the long-term success of all Addison businesses.


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