Hand Drawn Pressing is Focused on the Future of Vinyl Records

Hand drawn press

Until recently, vinyl records were considered outdated, offering a tinge of wistfulness to those in their midst. And their comeback, unlikely as it seemed in an increasingly digital age, has had a significant impact on one particular company located here in the North Dallas Corridor – Hand Drawn Pressing.

As the manufacturing arm of Hand Drawn Records – a full-service, artist-centric independent music company – Hand Drawn Pressing is focused exclusively on vinyl record pressing, offering a new and modern technology that’s proved revolutionary in the music industry. The high-tech process presses records approximately three times faster than the industry average, but, at its essence, still functions like its precursory machines. By simplifying the vinyl record ordering process, the fully-automated vinyl press, dubbed the WARM TONE, is estimated to press up to 1.8 million records per year. It similarly boasts a defect rate of merely one percent.

“The WARM TONE is the most innovative record press to reach the market in record pressing history and is designed to promote uptime and sustain future vinyl growth,” reads the company’s website.

So, where did it all begin?

It all started at Viryl Technologies with a team whose shared passion for music, vinyl records, and machinery propelled them to create a record-press that would truly change the customer’s experience. Among the factors that differentiate the WARM TONE from competitors is the manufacturing process, which is made clearer through innovative technology, referred to as A.D.A.P.T (Advanced Device Analytics Pressing Technology).  A.D.A.P.T allows operators to monitor the machine’s varying aspects, receive data instantly through a smart device using a customized interface, be made aware of important maintenance needs, and, subsequently, have peace of mind. As Viryl Technologies’ first client, Hand Drawn Pressing is thrilled with the novelty and is making headlines across the globe.

It’s undoubtedly, “Vinyl Redesigned,” and we’re sure to hear more about its impact and significance for years to come. For more information, you can visit the company’s website at http://www.handdrawnrecords.com/

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